The Perfect Morning

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning in London. I woke up just after sunrise, had a couple of bagels and packed my gym kit and drove to the gym.

An hour later i checked my abs in the male changing room and the lower bit was still watery, but I guess it’s just genes, no matter how hard I train this pear shaped area, it still bulge out like a kangaroo during a miss carriage.

I then googled what’s around me and I found this cafe, The Crystal Palace Market, it’s actually not just a cafe, its a fish market, a butcher, a restaurant and a pub. The kitchen is right in front of you, a genius idea of a place. The place is so cozy, the tables are made of oak wood, the chairs are hand crafted, you can see the kitchen and food being prepared while you are waiting, the whole vibe and atmosphere is just very homy.

I would love to start a business not because I want to be a billionaire, no, I actually want to be a trillionaire. I want to create a product or a service that gives people value and entertainment.

It’s not an easy job. I very much know that my first business and maybe the next 10 will fail big time and that I will lose so much money and feel bad about it. But that’s the only direction I have to take if i want to be successful in the entrepreneurship world.

People will mock my idea, make fun of me and my business and probably walk out on me. Which is part of the package. If I can climb and get over these high poky walls, I will make it some how some time.

enjoying one of the palace’s cappuccinos.

I have started the first steps towards a business, which is putting myself in the mind set of the whole thing. I read business books, listen to business podcasts, read business articles and posts online, write down ideas on a note pad and share these thoughts with the people who really care about me such as my family.

Yesterday, I was invited to go to an event in London. It was a hiring event for a very big company to see how you would like to work for such environment. The main reason I went in the first place was to socialize and meet new people and have a nice conversation. I always heard of the company but had no clue what they do and why would they invite someone like me. I thought at the time it must be one of those under paid temp jobs I get emails about every day.

But when I entered the building, there was security people scanning your badge every 5 meters. Up the stairs, a massive fish tank, then a pantry the size of a tennis court with food, snacks and drinks. I went to the coffee machine and asked one man, how do you brew a coffee as the machine was the one like you see in Costa. he said just push the button. It was so obvious, just a push of a button, but the whole atmosphere, the lighting, the decorations and the way the pantry is designed just put me off thinking straight. I then asked ‘Where do I pay?’ He said ‘ You don’t’.

having a walk in crystal palace park

It was my first time to go inside a company which I only witnessed in hollywood movies. It opened my mind on what real companies and real jobs are like. It’s madness inside that organization but the fast pace of things happening inside gets your heart and dopamine levels up.

I then had the chance to have a drink with an american guy from New York. I told him ‘ You’re from New York, aren’t you’ He said ‘How do you know’ I said ‘ The way you move your hands is very much of a New Yorker’ He went ‘Get outta here’ Every one around him was asking about how to get an interview and what the job is like, etc. As everyone was trying to grab as much of his attention, I had to think of something to drag him out of the circle of death. He was surrounded by 5 or 6 people desperate for an interview. I went ‘Are you a fan of Larry David?’ That was the bait to grab him out of the craziness surrounding him and I guess that added a bit of ‘Ahhh’ to him.

Not really sure what kind of message I wanted to deliver to you today, but I guess there’s no message.I just feel really good after I write something. Of course I feel better when people read it, I even feel way better when people like or dislike it and I feel content if any of you give comments or feedback to be a better writer.

Writing is my new hobby these days, maybe I will develop another hobby sometime in the future but for now I enjoy writing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

Sherif Seda,

All pictures are copy right free, I don’t know what that means. They were all taken by me but if you want to use them for any purpose please feel free.

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