Angels & Capitalists

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend lessons from silicon valley event lead by Adeo Ressi in London.  It was about how to start up a business and get funding from Venture Capitalists (VC).

The session got me socializing with top minded enthusiasts who are already start-ups, business owners, founders and CEO’s.

Adeo is such a character; He’s very passionate, enthusiastic, cut to the **** kinda guy and funny, although sometimes he may come across as really intimidating and would make you feel so bad about the state you are currently in, whether its social, business or mental, but it’s extremely constructive; He wants you to be what you want to be and beyond.

For example, during the Q & A session, I asked would you treat a 10,000 Dollar business the same way as a 10 million dollar one. He went ‘Your question tells me that you lack a lot about the understanding of life’ I wanted to flush myself down the toilet at that moment, however he went on and gave me an answer that would make me not think about the 10,000 dollar business and start thinking about a 1 Billion dollar ones instead.

Adeo Ressi is the founder and CEO of The Founder’s Institute.

As the night went on and my mind was trying to keep up with the pace of new information being received, I looked around the room a couple of times at the attendees and thought; WOW, Imagine combining all these great minds together and building a team and a company. How much success would we all achieve if we would share our ideas together under this great umbrella of intelligence!

Adeo stressed on the segmentation combined when it comes to creating a market leader and dominating one or more aspects or resources of your business to reach the top of the segment. For example, Uber. Uber is the number one successful company in history in terms of execution and speed of market domination. How did they do that? Simply they offered a better, faster, more trust worthy service.

But, and a very big BUT, the main success behind the business was the team, which Adeo stressed on almost every other minute, how enthusiastic, stamina, passion and belief the team has in their business that would contribute to its success.

I am not going to go into too much detail about the event as you can find out more about this on The Founder’s Institute website. But what I want to highlight and maybe bring out to the smart minds out there who didn’t and don’t get the chance to socialize with great minded business people and learn from their way of thinking is, success in any field of life is pretty pretty pretty hard and takes time.

I mentioned before in one of my posts that the impossible is always negotiable.

To have a VC invest in your idea or start up you have to go about it in 7 steps, according to Adeo. According to me, It is exactly the same mile stones you would follow if you want to ask a very beautiful woman out.

  • Pitch Angel / Smile to her
  • Invite for coffee / ask her for a drink
  • Send news / text message her, make sure you put x at the end, they get a bit edgy about this.
  • Meet at event / ask her out to a house party or a meet up with a group
  • Invite to dinner / Invite her to dinner
  • Ask for funding / sleep with her with Jazz music and candles at the back ground.
  • Send news / Move in together

I segment life the very same way Adeo segmented it yesterday; one man asked ‘What about companies that are doing good and catching up with the big market dominators?’ Adeo went ‘ To me life is a binary world, it’s either a 1 or a 0.’ Like the new Mercedes Ad banners in the street ‘The Best or Nothing’

I have always had that burning desire in my gut that I have to contribute massively in all ways possible to make this world a better enjoyable place to live; I can’t help it and think otherwise.

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