Boil your water on the stove: 10 micro steps to double productivity

I quit drinking coffee and now I feel better, much better. I get up at 5 and sleep around 10. Stress levels have flattened, morning jadedness has gone and afternoon (I want a nap feelings) have become a thing of the past.

I drink lots of tea instead, to be exact, 2 in the morning, 1 in the after noon, 1 as my recovery drink after I run back home from work as fast as humanly possible, and a mint one after dinner.

I also started following a Semi Paleo diet. I would have bagels in the morning, fruits around 10, light lunch and vegetables and protein at dinner.

Carry on reading, this is not an essay about my boring zero benefit routine; it’s going to make your commute or whatever it is your doing more enjoyable.

The other day I decided to boil the water on the stove instead of using the kettle; simply the kettle had white stuff at the base, which I call calcium rich squares but they put me off using it.

As I was waiting for the water to get bubbly; I was reflecting on how my day should go by.

I read many posts which encourage a to do list but others reject such idea as it creates stress and your brain will be always thinking about the tasks you have to finish other wise you would be listless.

James Altucher, writer of the best seller: Choose Yourself says, use a theme instead. For example, I said to myself, as the hissing sound was about to kick off, ‘Today I am going to have a productive good day.’

I jotted down 3-4 things I needed to do, like finishing these weeks’ school assignments, go for a run, buy groceries and say to a pretty strange girl ‘You’re really beautiful’

I accomplished, if not smashed, everything except, well, you guessed it.

The ‘say to a stranger you’re beautiful part’ is nothing less than to get myself out of the comfort zone as Tim Ferriss mentions in his 4-Hour-Work-week.

A Person’s success is measured by how many uncomfortable conversations he is willing to take – Tim Ferriss

I haven’t done this to a stranger just yet but I am working on it, if only actions were easier than words, I would have told every girl I meet how pretty she is and invite her out and well, no need to write the next line of thought.

As the water bubbled up, I poured it carefully into the mug but the nozzle went nuts and splashed onto the Fruit & Fiber flakes box, I ended up with a ¾ full cup and a mess.

The time it takes to cook your morning cup of tea will allow you to clear your head and plan a good-day with a theme ahead.

Below are things I started doing which made me feel better, become more productive and be more creative.

1- Replaced coffee with tea.

It will take at least 3 days for the withdrawal symptoms to dissolve but then you will wake up naturally with no ‘I want to go back to bed feelings, your dreams will be really peaceful and sound ‘The other night I was smiling all the way through my sleep and I could feel it in real time’ and the quality of sleep will add so much more value to your day.

An hour spent during your day feeling tired is a wasted one – Arianna Huffington 

2- I go to sleep at 10 and get up at 5.

Today I rose at 4:59 and beat my 5:00am alarm and started writing what you are reading now.

The mind is at its creativity peak during the first 4-5 hours of your day – Daniel Ariely

3- I read 2 different books, dozens of online posts and the daily news.

During my morning commute I read an entrepreneurship book Zero-to-One by Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal, as my brains are at their most starving state. At bed I read a novel, a physical one, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, this is my new nightly meditation technique.

Throughout the day, whenever I find myself doing nothing, I would read posts on Medium and the daily business and general news just not to feel left out and be able to hold an informal conversation with the public.

4- I switch off the Internet on my phone before bed.

I do this for two reasons, one; to cut down the electrons in the air, two; it relaxes my mind and cleanse it of any urges to check my notifications. I would leave it in my room as far away as possible and set it to the lowest volume I could hear incase of emergency.

5- I watch comedy.

I watch comedy mainly in the morning while having breakfast. This kick start my day with positive thoughts and suddenly my day become more sociable as my confidence levels sky rocket and I start chatting strangers up “not pretty girls still though’’

I would recommend

Curb your enthusiasm

According to Jim

Arrested Development

Silicon Valley

Impractical Jokers

6- I exercise.

If you don’t have time to exercise, you don’t have time for anything else.

Exercising is the most satisfying thing you can do throughout a hectic day. The endorphins released after an exercise cannot be done so in any other way except after sex.

7- I take cold showers.

As much as the resisting temptation to turn the tap onto the blue ring is, I turn it anyhow with my head under the shower and Baam, I am shivering like an Alaskan dog and splashing water onto the bathroom walls.

After a minute my body relaxes and gets used to the temperature and I feel more awake, focused and energetic.

8- I listen to Podcasts.

I listen to Podcasts or books on Audible during work. The one I listen to the The James Altucher one where he interviews great successful minds who made it from zero to one like Ryan Holiday, Arianaa Huffington, Ramit Sethi and many others.

Jeff Garlin’s By the way is another funny podcast and will leave you in tears during your morning commute.

Listen to him interviewing Larry David here.

This intensifies my desire to become the best I can be and instills business and creative ideas in my head.

9- I eliminate excess.

I got rid of 80-90% of my clothes and stuff. If all I own doesn’t fit into a suitcase, I own too much.

As the saying goes less is more. It is very true that the more physical things you eliminate from your life the more liberated you will feel.

I also stopped worrying too much about what I wear to work. I’d put on the same outfit every day until it goes dirty.

Mark Zuckerberg and Barrack Obama wear the same outfit everyday, they even have 20 multiples of the same shirt simply because they can’t afford wasting time deciding such an insignificant decision.

10- I help others.

Yesterday at the supermarket, a man dropped his shampoo, as I was behind him and it landed next to my feet, I picked it up and gave it to him. The guy looked me in the eye and said Thanks in a way that he genuinely meant it.

The same day as I was having a walk with my brother, he moved away a tree branch on the sidewalk that could hurt a child.

Helping others defines the real humans from the so-called people.

I hope this post adds valuable input to your life.

My name is Sherif and I am a dayenjoyer.

Thanks for reading.


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