Am I on or off course?

When I was in high school I wanted a career as a DJ, that was my ultimate definition of a successful dream but it didn’t happen.

These days my dream of wanting to become a DJ have turned into a dream of wanting to become a writer and an entrepreneur.

I am still figuring out what kind of a writer I want to be and what kind of a service or a product I can invent that would make people’s lives easier.

I didn’t know where to start and even if I knew I always had/have the feeling that I am never going to make it.

But I started anyway.

I started writing but I don’t know if I am a good writer but I keep on writing.

To enhance my written skills, I started taking a paid ‘creative writing’ online on Coursera.

One day I may come up with an idea of the next big thing and to sell it, generate profit call myself an entrepreneur.

I started reading about entrepreneurship and listening to interviews of people I want to be like.

I even come up with many ideas and jot them down to exercise my idea muscle.

Here are two I came up with yesterday:

1 – A wrist notepad with a pen.

The hassle of carrying a notepad is a lot easier if I had access to one on the go. So a notepad strapped to your wrist instead of a watch can be used to instantly transfer an idea that comes to your head onto paper.

2- A page full of sticky notes on the inside back cover of all books.

Most times when I am reading, I wouldn’t have a pen to highlight the important bits, so having sticky notes available with every book, I can just cut and past on the pages and lines I want to refer back to.

Besides books, I read and listen to entrepreneurs who made billions. However, Some times they make it sound really easy to become one of the 3 commas club members.

Only a billion (1,000,000,000) has 3 commas in it.

Just sign up to my news letter and I will tell you secret steps to make you rich.- I receive at least 10 newsletters a day.

Buy this book and you will become a millionaire.- I bought dozens on amazon and still do.

Listen to my podcast and you will make tons of money.- I try and listen to one episode a day.

Visualize you are actually rich and you will become one.- I have been visualizing every night and my parents said ‘Sherif! You talk a lot in your sleep’

Guess what!

I have been doing all that for the last two years and my spinning records desires shifted to spinning business ideas in my head.

Sometimes I tell myself if I keep doing that for the rest of my life; I wouldn’t move an inch closer to achieving success and become rich.

So I started thinking from another perspective.

The thought actually came to me after two years of indulging in the world of business by every means possible.

It was all down to two words I heard the other day while I was listening to James Altucher interviewing Arianna Huffington.

She said ‘micro steps’

These two words put an end to the agony of thinking no matter what I do, I will not be successful.

All those billionaires who made it from zero to one, started taking micro steps every day.

Not to be fooled, micro steps do not mean reading a book and then putting it on the shelf. It means eating the book by highlighting what you learned from it and sticking the bold ideas and information onto your bedroom wall so you have access to them all the time.

Learning online, specially paid studying, is another solid micro step that will make you commit to finishing the course and keep your motivation up.

Another one is to go to networking and entrepreneurship events so you meet with like minded people. You have to be bold, friendly, funny and cheerful.

A tip: watch an episode of Curb your enthusiasm before you go onto one of those events, and you will be the most confident funniest guy in the crowd.

Don’t kill yourself keeping up with those micro steps.

Every day I spend 30 to 40 minutes on one task, take a break then move to the next. For example, I write in the morning, I read on the way to work, gym right after it, study at night two different courses as I get bored doing the same thing over 45 minutes, watch some tv then read before sleep.

Some days I wouldn’t do anything and just slack around doing nothing which feels so good.

As long as I keep on doing these micro steps regularly, the desire for success gandalfs and the feel of failure frodos however this is what successful ones have been through so I guess I am on course.

My name is Sherif and I am a dayenjoyer.

Thanks for reading.

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