Thank you for visiting; Please come again; a short story.

I opened the door and stepped outside; it was 3 in the morning and the world was as peaceful as it could ever be. The light posts stood in single files some of which hid away in between trees.

The driveway bended at the edges while the parked cars sunk near the sidewalks as if completely exhausted after a hectic day on the roads.

I looked left for no reason then I headed right; I took small relaxed steps as if all the problems I had, never existed. It was the smoothest quietest walk I took in a while.

I was looking down watching my shadow following along my path; I tried to keep its pace but it’d stalk me from behind, cross underneath and then vanish away ahead into the nothingness.

Out of no where; she showed up approaching from a distance; I recognized her at first sight; her walk had been implanted in my head long time since we first met.

I smiled; I picked up the pace and so did my heart.

She walked in my direction; the trees gave way; the posts dimmed their lights; the cars switched on their parking lights; I imagined.

She eyed me as if sending an air message saying ‘I am coming for you’

I stood still a couple of feet from her; she smiled and halted.

After a silent minute appreciating her presence I said ‘Hey.’

After a nightly owl-like quiet pause she said ‘Hey.’

‘You look amazing’ when I raised my left hand as if to enforce my vocabulary muscle to excel and added ‘like you always do.’

She squeezed the tip of her tong in between two layers of crystalized teeth ‘Thank you’ she uttered.

She was wearing the same black dress she had when I asked her for a date long time ago.

It was short, above the knee with the ends fluffing around as if a ballerina was dancing on ice.

Her legs were that of a tri athlete; her height was that of Sharapova’s; her hair was that of a woman with her head over her shoulders.

‘What are you doing here?’ Starring at her legs ‘I missed you’ when I looked up in surprise and almost stuttered and said ‘Excuse me, can you repeat that again?’

With a smile that made the whole world a better place to be said ‘I missed you a lot,’ she took a step closer.

I said nothing and tried to keep my balance as the endorphins were running all over my body in ecstatic joy.

She put her arms around my neck and interlocked her hands; I put mine on her waist and said ‘I have been missing you since I left and I can’t believe this is real’

‘Let me prove how real this is to you’ when she approached slowly and kissed me on the lips.

I tasted a strawberry flavor; I smelled roses in the air; my eyes were shut but I could see the world dancing around me; her body traveled closer touching my chest; to hold my balance, I ran my hands up her back as if a blind man was trying to feel colors.

A man from the shadows whispered in my ears ‘Do not listen to her’ I turned back and said ‘Go away’ and silently voiced ‘Don’t ruin this moment’

She untangled my lips and opened her eyes while her hands were on my cheeks said ‘Baby, are you ok?’ I approached and kissed her until I was out of breath and asked ‘What do you think?’

The man said ‘Sherif, this is not real; wake up’ I pushed him further back and yelled ‘What do you want from me?’

I gazed at her eyes as I didn’t want to waste any moment without looking at her ‘you’re so beautiful, will you be mine forever?’

‘Let’s enjoy this time we have together before it vanishes’ she said.

‘Vanishes?’ I smilingly repeat back.

‘Everything comes to an end my dear and sooner or later I will be gone and so will you; Kiss me and stop worrying’

Ascending soft music started playing when she slowly stepped back, she kept holding onto my hand until she let go as her distance traveled beyond the length of our arms; ‘Goodbye baby’ she said.

I woke up; the sun shined and the world smiled.

Feature Image – Pixabay

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