I lost her, Forever. How my beautiful love story sadly ended.

We met online, although I hated online dating but there was no other way.

 Dressed in blue with a few white stripes, she drew me in like magnet.

After checking her profile routinely every morning for a week, I decided to ask her to come to London.

Surprisingly, she agreed and within 48 hours she arrived at my door.

I was at work, when I got a text from the landlord saying “someone came for you, shall I let them in?” “please” I replied.

I couldn’t wait to come back home; I was so excited to see her in real life.

I showered at work just before heading home and gelled my hair up.

She was sat in the living room; I couldn’t help but hug and kiss her; I felt a new kind of love.

Suddenly our hearts bonded; our bodies touched; our emotions intertwined and the world smiled.

I looked straight at her and whispered “what a beautiful world it is” softly in her ears.

She was stunningly fit; carved with utmost care; always stood tall; she was what every man would dream of.

She humbly let me touch every part of her; run my hand along her neck; her favorite cuddle was when I’d slowly walk my fingers along her body and utter “how sleek you are”

She took me places. We climbed hills, slid down London alleys; raced in hydepark; played hide and seek in Regent’s; we had the time of our lives.

She never let me down except for this one time when she got hurt while we racing like kids. She fell and broke her ankle. I called my brother and he took us both home.

The next morning, I took her to the hospital. The doctor fixed the damage in 2 hours. Miraculously he applied some compressions, twists and pressure and she was back on her feet again.

We’d always go to Starbucks every day. Oddly, she’d never order a drink; her pleasure was watching me having a cup of coffee; she was the most loving thing I ever met.

She never said a word; but it didn’t matter as her look would speak the world to me. She never got angry at me although I hurt her physically and emotionally quiet a few times but she was always forgiving.

She never complained or showed any signs of disagreement or anger; she was the most humble of all.

One day, I bought her an earring; it was a wireless speaker, we’d go around London at night and jazz would be coming out of her ears.

We sang along Oxford street as loud as we wanted.

It was like Sinatra dropping his melodies over us.

I would spread my arms and shout ‘I am so alive’ and she’d run faster and faster.

Our hearts beat so fast.

She made me the happiest Londoner; every day I’d wake up and run to her room, look at her and say “Good morning my baby” and off we ride together.

I would bathe her, brush her teeth, apply cosmetics onto her beautiful body; she’d let me do to her as I please and she’d just stand there sweet and tall.

We took lots of pictures among fields of flowers, we jumped over water ways, we chased at the park and many times we’d just sit facing each other admiring how beautiful being together is.

Here’s a snippet from one of the places we went to.

But lately I got busy and I didn’t take good care of her as I once did; I didn’t tell her how beautiful she is that often; I stopped cleaning her up; she needed new accessories but I was too busy doing my job; she didn’t feel the same love I once had towards her.

I could feel her sadness. I didn’t put in enough effort to make it up and else chased blogging, working and enjoying myself with others.

She got jealous but she never showed it. She was better than I was.

She always kept quiet, humble and loving.

We met in November last year but we got together in a sexy and sweet relationship 4 months ago.

We were bonded.

The other day we went out to the market to buy myself a backpack.

Then we walked around Kilburn.

We headed to Starbucks to have my usual coffee.

She wouldn’t come in and as usual waited outside.

I made sure she was safe and secure.

I touched her neck.

I gave her a look.

It was the last look.

Maybe forever.

I lost her.

I loved every mile we took together.

Goodbye love.

Goodbye my Giant

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 13.44.18.png

 P.S: My bike was stolen at Kilburn High Road outside Starbucks on 8/12/2016 at 3:15 pm. The suspect was caught on CCTV. The lock used was a Kryptonite. Please re-consider before buying this lock; It seems that it’s easily broken into.

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