5 tips to eliminating negativity from your life, forever.

Maybe you’re one of my readers, and have been following my blogs and articles secretly, and because you did not want to click like as it may show on your connections newsfeed, you wanted to give them the image that you are too busy having a life, while the truth is in fact, you don’t.

Or maybe you just discovered my page and you like what you saw so far, like the six pack profile picture, or the sunny-sky-bluey cover photo, or something else.

Whether it’s the ladder, excuse me, I mean the latter, or the former, I will be kind enough, as I always am, and share with you what I learned from the school of life so far.

How to live on the other side of life; Happily. 

Below are 5 tips to make your life a tiny bit better:

1- A negative mind, will never lead to a positive life.

Whether you think you are The Dalai Lama, or Jesus Christ, at the end of the day you are a human.

Our brains are designed to think negatively; meaning they feed on bad things, such as gossip, egotism, worst case scenarios thoughts, fear of the unknown, trying to be perfect, worrying about money etc.

Maybe I am making that up or maybe I am not. 

I read books and it feels good sharing what I learned with others in an effort to contribute to a better society; your pick.

What really causes a negative mind to grow larger and incubate such a style of living is:

The environment you live in.

You will not enjoy a positive life if you are surrounded by negativity.

In many places we live in, it’s beyond our control to live positively among a negative society and I have found the solution,


Go somewhere else.

There’s no other way to overcome this except to relocate and don’t worry the earth is wide enough. 

Before you click away from the article, the next tip will answer your question.

2- Eliminate the fear of the unknown.

‘Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away’ sorry got a bit carried away by the beetles song.

‘If tomorrow never comes’ Ronan Keating, apologies. 

You only have today to worry about so stop thinking.

Accustom yourself to live in the now.

There are so many great things happening in your life at this very moment. In order to enjoy, you simply have to vocally recognize these blessings. 

You’re on two legs, you have two arms attached to your body, you have a roof above your head, you have a heater, you have a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, someone right now is thinking of you and of the good things you did for them.

It doesn’t even have to be another person, maybe the cat you once offered a piece of your chicken nugget while drunk and wasted after your night out, is thinking of how caring you are.

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

If you have your today’s sustenance, you have everything you need to make the most out of it.

3- Get busy doing what you love.

Last summer, I decided to stop climbing the mount Everest of corporate success. I promised myself not to apply or work for any “this will be great on your cv” company.

And instead, invest the time and the few pennies I have, in myself and the ones I love.

So I took my family on a holiday.

I started learning about computer programming, coding, software engineering, web development, etc.

I set myself a target of continuous learning.

Becoming partially unemployed have opened doors of limitless choices of what I can do with all the time I have, that I used to waste in the past applying to jobs that would never come, or working in a cubicle trying to make someone rich.

Thanks to many great influencers I follow, today I am a very happy, satisfied and productive individual.

I enjoy every second of my day no matter the circumstances simply cause I have set myself a list of 20 things to learn about daily such as new languages, new skills, new hobbies, online courses, reading, freelancing, and many more.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich dad poor dad, said ‘Know little about a lot’

4- Conquer your ego.

Please have this written on the back of your left hand, or better wrist band it instead of your watch.

After reading Ego is the enemy by Ryan Holiday, I felt like <– excuse me, I take that back; I was actually the most ignorant guy on the planet.

You are never aware of how ego centric one is, until you study it deeply and understand how it functions.

There’s no better book than Ryan’s to fight that enemy, it is subtly in your way of prosperous living, without you knowing. 

Everyone must learn about their ego in order to stop it from taking control over their real self.

When God created man, I believe he implanted obstacles such as ego and negative impulses in order to determine how strong oneself is.

Will the man be able to separate himself from the boy within and conquer those two bugs or succumb and let his life be taken control of?

Be humble, be shy, be with people who are smarter than you are.

Simply be a student, and always be so as the saying goes ‘The best teacher is forever a student.’

5- Admit to yourself that you can not change people, but you can help them change themselves by setting yourself as an example.

Do good things to others, specially strangers. It will have a double whammy effect on those around you.

Don’t say what you do, let your actions say them on your behalf while you use the time to enrich others.

I never knew or had an idea of how I can make others happy.

One day I came across a guy who simply makes videos that make other people happy, so I followed suit. 

Since then, my videos have put a lot of smiles on others faces which fulfills my heart with extreme joy.

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Thanks for your time.

My name is sherif, I am a dayenjoyer.

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