the path of love; a poem.

12:20 Feb 19th, ’17.

I wrote you a poem


a book, I opened

some lines, I read

carry on, my mind plead

stop, my heart asserted

the thought, the process averted

a book, I closed

an iPod, from my bag I brought

to an external, keyboard I connect

I wish, we had now met

a message, from her I am waiting

when my heart, will stop aggravating

her image, in my mind is stoned

her smile, in my consciousness is cloned

but my heart, is deeply wounded

my life, in a swirl of sadness has moulded

it felt, like the storm was coming

now, I am in need of hugging

feels like, I am severely hit

I guess, that’s the path of grit

maybe, it’s all in my head

or maybe, that’s the life I comprehend

her smile, is so unreal

it sends, a joyful surreal

her eyes, are shiny stars

but my heart, is full of scars

she always, stands tall

and many, are admiring if not all

Icke, is a very beautiful girl

my heart, is in love with a pearl

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video journalist

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