Icke is a girl; She enlightens a nightly cloudy sky into flames of metrological dancing stars of emotional swirls.

Feb 21st 21:14

Last night, I said what I truly felt towards a girl.

Not any girl; but a girl I waited for, for so many years.

It was not an easy test; So I recited and revised for 5 hours on the same table while waiting for her.

I spoke to a wooden wall and envisioned her being there when my tears shed and my heart moved and my legs crossed and my life turned and a “this guy must be crazy” thought flashed from the man on the opposite table.

I bought flowers; I chose yellow cause they would go well with her green filtered eyes, after feeling sorry for me, the waiter was kind enough to bring a vase.

At 9:31 pm, she opened the restaurant door.

Yes, I was counting the minutes.

I jumped; so did my shrunk, marooned and lost lonely self.

I instantly approached, uttered “ I missed you”, inhaled a sigh of relief in, just past her left ear, held my breath, when her smell traveled through the arteries of my roller-coastered emotions.

I hugged her.

I pulled a chair, but she sat on the sofa.

The natural-like-light coming from the lamp above stroke her golden hair reflecting colors of early morning sunny rays onto a canvass of a beautiful woman in front of me.

She wore black-framed specs with an almost invisible to the naked eye red edge.

Or so I imagined.

The glare shinning on the glass beautified her green eyes to the extent that it was humanly impossible to fix mine on hers for more than a blink.

But I defied that weak feeling and looked not into her eyes, but inside her heart.

When I finally managed to pass the first part of the test.

The second part was not what I so very much wished a multiple choice challenge, rather it was like a flying off a cliff jump with a parachute that has never been put through the test at such high altitude as Icke’s.

I stood up on that mountain of emotions, and opened my arms as wide as I could.

I breathed in all the seconds, minutes and hours that I was building up to this very moment and took a last step where my feet stood half way outside the edge.

There was no more room for a second step.

There was me, the world, my heart and Icke.

I looked down, for a second.

I held her little finger of her left hand.

When I slowly walked my thumb up and my index down on and underneath that sweet pinky.

I could feel the softness of her skin.

I then looked up right straight into her eyes as if I was hawking a prey.

I defied the act of blinking and brought an owl look at hers.

I recollected all my emotional energy that has been scattering around for days.

I silenced all the beasts of confused apprehensions inside of me and awakened the only soldier;

My heart.

I stood him up tall and brave on the front line facing the battle of winning the heart of the woman of my dreams.

It was he against oceans of infinitum angelic beauty.

All he had to do, was to swoosh his sword with a 4-worded decree.

Finally he was not lost in translating his feelings to her and affirmed;

“I love you Icke”

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video journalist

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