Icke is a girl; She’s the foundations of my heart.


18 Feb 2017

8:11 am Feb 19, I had a dream of her. She said “Can I always call you Sherry” I replied”yeh sure, you can call me whatever you want” “by the way I love your city, specially the buildings, very architectural” I added.

With a shiny wide green beautiful eyes she said “I am studying architecture and I am going to be a designer architect and build buildings like these” then she smiled. And so I did when I opened my eyes. 

I woke up with lots of feel good energy. Did few computer stuff, then went for a run in the beautiful streets of Saint Pete.

My toe was hurting but the thought of her along with the view of the Roman like blocks alleviated the pain.

She recommended a movie.

I had no room to debate as every thing she says or thinks of, translates to happy neurons straight through the cells of my heart.

We stopped to take a picture. The man was funny.

He said”You gotta pose, do something, kiss the girl”

I didn’t.

She took me to a very nice bakery, she wore shoes with slightly shorter heels than yesterday’s.

It felt so good being next to her.

Many times I would touch her and make it look accidental.

I am not sure if she liked it or even noticed but she was always smiling.

She was full of so much life that my eyes are watering as I am writing this.

And my nose.

When we entered the cinema, we sat at the front.

For the first time, I liked being in the front simply cause she was there next to me.

I didn’t care about the distance, or the movie, all I cared about was when would she place her left hand on the arm rest or her leg and a romantic scene would synchronize along the move so I can hold her little finger.

For two hours, I was waiting for this.

Anything but waiting it was.

The closest it got: when she placed her hand on her left cheek and I on my right, but it would take a faster than light speed of a gymnastic acrobatic twirl to try and hold hers at such position.

My heart would race every time I would attempt to make a move.

Hence the utter disappointed when the lady at the ticket desk, said “sorry no popcorn.”

It was a shock to my system.

The popcorn idea was not all about, the caramel, cheese or salty flavor that comes with eating them.

Simply it’s the best most natural acceptable technique to touch a woman’s hand, cause you buy one big bucket and hand it to her, while you take care of the coke.

This way, you can touch her hands as many times as you want and it will never be awkward.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Simply immerse your hand in the bucket while your eyes are looking ahead.
  2. Pretend the movie is very enjoyable.

(Touching her hand inside the bucket is what gets you to say at the end of the movie “I really loved that film and had such an enjoyable time”)
You’re welcome.

Every time she’d slide closer and our shoulders merely touch, my heart jumps ouScreen Shot 2017-02-19 at 08.53.06.pngt and runs dancing his life away.

The movie finished.

I didn’t hold her finger.

Her smile when the lights came out boosted life into me.

She took me to a swimming complex.

She swam like a child, bringing the kid back in me.

A happy joyful lively kid.

I tried to be myself and stop the guy inside from thinking too much.

But he was hard to tame.

I kept addressing him, “Let’s just enjoy our time here with her and delay this thoughtless nonsense to another time.”

But he was in a melancholy of drama, he couldn’t stop appreciating how beautiful and sweet she is.

He was trying to single out one wrong thing about her but an angel would never have such trait.

Because angels, are different than humans.

They love life, and life loves them back.

They have no trouble being happy and beautiful at all times.

Many times I would escape the beautiful scene of her presence and submerge myself under the water and breathe out a sigh of relief and when I get up to the surface, she’d enlighten my world.

I had a soda.

She had a vanilla shake.

I wanted to taste it off of her lips, maybe she could read my mind because she offered me to taste but out of a straw 😦

In the sauna, I was waiting for every one to get out to make a move.

When they did. I couldn’t make a move, not even a look in the eye.

She’s not like anyone I ever met, meet or ever will.

Maybe I will never see her again and maybe we will be together for eternity.

Maybe we will be like the bucket list family and maybe we will be just friends.

And I have no clue what to do.

The books I read say “if you want something, you have to work hard for it”

Icke is beyond what I want. She’s not a need or something I simply want to have.

She’s not a book I want to write, or a business I hope I can build.

She’s a girl.

Beyond beauty, sweetness, utterly attractive smile and green eyes; She’s always happy and full of life.

She spreads good life around her.

The world feels like a new place to be in with her being around.

There are no words or feelings to express what she makes me feel.

There are only inspirations, pictures of her smiles, and a stoned canvass in my mind of her green eyes look.

The guy came back and nosed in between our beautiful time.

He wanted to kiss her.screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-09-13-42

He kept saying “What else do you want? All the signs lead to a kiss. The water, the steam, the sauna, the lights, the music, the people. come on, just a touch of her lips”

I replied “It’s so hard that I am chocked. I don’t think it’s a good idea. You do not try and open a pearl  when you first see it. You have to admire, appreciate and enjoy the beauty of looking at it”

There are 3 women that I came across during the course of my life so far that I’d give my life to.

 Kate Beckinsale


Courtney Thorne-Smith

According to Jim (2001-2009) - 0001.jpg

Jennifer Connelly


Kate is the most sweetest woman my eyes have ever witnessed.

Courtney is the perfect partner, mother, sister, wife, friend, buddy a man can have.

Jennifer, has eyes from heaven. She need not express her feelings. The look in her eyes speaks a beautiful world, if not worlds.

When I saw Icke, I saw a beautiful girl like all the beautiful girls out there.

But when I got to spend time with her.

I witnessed something beyond the comprehension of a human imagination.

To put that in words would be a very difficult task as my brain is limited when it witnesses a great deal of beautiful traits in one person.

I saw the three women above in Icke, combined.

I saw the sweetness of Kate times one million.

This is not an exaggeration or a writing catch to make the story a page turner, no.

I saw a perfect partner who cares; who supports, who genuinely makes my world an easier place to be.

I saw a look in eyes way more meaningful than that of Jennifer’s.

Icke could stay silent forever and I would write a never ending book describing what a world of beauty she posses.

The girls I met before inspired me to feel good, write nice articles, improve my blog and they were all so sweet, caring and supportive.

But Icke is a girl.

A very precious one.

As precious as an undiscovered gem.

That’s sitting somewhere secretly in the seabed and enjoying the beautiful world above and around her.

Last night was a really tough night for me.

I felt like my heart got run over by a truck carrying a pyramid.

The feeling is still clotted in my chest.

It’s as if the world is collapsing in front of me but the walls holding it in place are still there and they urge me to rebuild it with Icke in my mind.

The world is always changing, and renovating itself because this is how life sustains its natural upbringing.

I have to join in and help make my world as sustainable.

But I have to be extra careful because I don’t want the pearl to close its shells.

If it does, it would slip back into its place in the sea and settles into her enjoyable world of a girl called Icke.

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