Learning a new skill will hurt. So Much!


Yesterday I decided to learn how to dance Thriller by Michael Jackson; I used to love the singer more than anything growing up as a kid.

I thought it was about time at 34, to learn some of his moves plus Thriller is my favorite song.

I opened Youtube and searched along;

Sorry one second.

Why am I telling you this; I don’t think it’s any valuable to you if I walk you through the process in every detail.

Apologies, I’ll skip to the most important parts but before I do so; Let me tell you how annoying it is when I read articles by other people.

They are very smart; they begin with a very catchy title to draw you in; then the first paragraph or two they get you closer to whatever it is that is gonna make your life better but they still don’t reveal the secret; and at the end of wasting 5-10 minutes of your precious time; you figure out that they somehow lied to you and you have to figure out yourself that magical thing that’s going to make your life better.

But I will not do this to you cause I am kind 🙂

Here’s the video to follow along if you’re ever alone having sometime off and wanna do something new.

P.S: Never do the same mistake I did and swing your neck ferociously as you will get a handicapped head the next morning like I am now.

I now can not look right, literally because the first couple of moves involve throwing your neck to your side on 1, 5, and 7 steps along with moving your feet; coordinating the two in a MJJ way has stretched my neck and now it hurts like hell; I look like a robot when I twist my head.

But it doesn’t feel as bad hurting myself un-deliberately because it happened while learning a new skill and that’s a major part of the journey.

Many people quit learning a new skill when it hurts or gets tougher and the difference between successful people and the rest is the ability to keep pushing through such wall.

I have now developed a new shorter to do daily list in order to be successful;

1 – Learn Thriller

2 – Learn Code

3 – Learn Italian

4 – Write

5 – Read

6 – Vlog

7 – Automate (my social media manually, get in touch to show you how to simply increase your followers)

8 – Exercise (Check my 7-minute-workout)

9 – Have Fun

I dedicate a maximum of 30 minutes for each point to tick off; even if I am not finished with the task; 30 minutes I believe is the maximum creative capacity my mind can give to a task; after that my mind sweats and I don’t produce good results.

Oh my neck really hurts.

Thanks to books; the benefits of reading are limitless; that’s why I started at an old age but books have shaped my life and now I am following a direction never would have been possible without reading.

“If you want to change your life, read 10 books” – Lewis Howes

Malcolm Gladwell mentioned in “Outliers – The Story of Success” that in order to master a skill one has to spend 10,000 hours learning and developing that skill which is roughly 10 years doing the same thing.

Matthew Syed in “Bounce – The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice” adds that it’s not enough to practice 10,000; you have to involve deliberate practice meaning you have to train till you fail, fall off, hurt yourself, feel bad, get frustrated, go beyond your human limit in order to become better at that one skill.

For example, if you want to get better at swimming, spice up your session every time; don’t only swim 5 kilometers and feel good about your self; that’s autopilot practice and you won’t develop.

Warm up 500 meters, then mix up between one arm, catch up, leg kicks, side breathing, submerging your swim for the length of the pool, etc and you will become faster, smoother, and you will feel better at the end of the session.

Check my video on my typical practice swim session.

Get in touch for a free swim plan if you’d like to develop your fish-like-skills.

Same for any other skill or sport whether you want to become a better walker or a grand master at Chess; remember to spice your session up.

Good luck!

My name is Sherif; I am a dayenjoyer.

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Feature Image Credits: Moustafa Mazhar

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