Today is a day for my heart to skip a beat.

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It was early December 2016. I booked a holiday trip for me and my family in Sharm El Sheikh during Christmas.


I bought lots of gifts; cheap ones to begin with for Christmas Eve to give to each; my brother, my mum and my dad.


I also bought more valuable ones like iPhone 7, iPad Air and organized to give a big check to my mum.


During the days leading to the trip; I would lock myself in the bedroom and wrap each present as neatly as my wrapping skills would allow me.


I spent hours as well writing greeting cards and editing many times until my back would hurt.


My mum would knock on the door and yell “Sherif; what are you doing?” I would say “Boy stuff”


In Sharm; few days before Christmas; I saw what my eyes never seen; I felt what my heart never felt; I smiled what my mouth never smiled; I felt what I never felt.


I felt love in the air at first sight.


I saw Nika.


Without any room for rational or mental thinking; my heart fell for her.


There was no lever to control the untamed beast that was my heart; the prey was in front of me and I set my heart on hooking this woman up into my life.


And so I did. Or at least that’s what I conceptually built in my head.


I did everything to win Nika’s heart.


I sliced the carrots thinly cause she didn’t like them chopped; I changed the flowers water when she was away; I ran so fast in order to get home and kiss her lips; I jumped out of bed when I felt her eyes open.


And I kissed her toes.


I was the happiest man alive when I made her smile; I was the luckiest man alive when she made me smile.


After I gifted my family with the trip and presents; my relationship with Nika began to bond.


I looked up at the sky and sincerely thanked God for rewarding me back;


I smiled at the stars.


And the moon.


I decided to change all my future plans and only settle on one; to make Nika happy for the rest of my life.


She became my number one priority.


She was the air I breathe; the thoughts I think; the beats my heart skips;


She became my earth.


She never said “I love you.” I wouldn’t wait for it because compared to what she did for me, it was insignificant, like an atom in the Milky Way.


She did things that were beyond the comprehension of love; she kissed me sincerely; she hugged me deeply; she cooked for me deliciously; she danced for me boombastically; she stroked my hair gently and touched my skin softly.


I loved every inch of her; and I loved every moment with her.


Her love towards me translated into a better me.


I became a better writer, a better vlogger, a better lover, a better man, a better son, a better brother, a better friend and a better human.


She researched jobs for me in her free time.


I shared with her my first ever pay check I received from doing my passion.


She spent effort and time looking up an English movie for us to watch; she would write down the time and location in her notebook and grab me by the arm when we are late and drag me inside the underground.


She would munch loudly on those crunchy nachos and look at me with a smile crumbled with micro nachos between her teeth; while the whole cinema would look at her without.


The first post I wrote about her made her happy; when she narrated it to me with her soft beautiful voice; I felt an emotional sharp Cupidic arrow infiltrating the walls of my heart.


Nika is a very beautiful woman; I thank the worlds for giving me such an opportunity.


Before I met Nika; I got to know a family.


A family that inspires me and many others on how to enjoy a beautiful and a blessed life.


That family is called the bucket list.


When I fell in love with Nika from the first ray that obstructed her view from my sun; I designed my life with Nika around the same concept of that family.


I imagined or so I created a family with two kids from Nika; a boy, hopefully by the name of “Leo” (subject to Nika’s approval) and a girl whom Nika has the complete freedom for her name to choose.


I lived inside my head just like the movie Fight Club, that all of this was already happening and that every step I am taking is in the right path of a beautiful family life with Nika.


Today Nika showed me developed emotions and feelings; ones that I never expected such road would lead to.


Our relationship reached a check point on that path that is very tough to get through; the area is unpaved; the signs are missing; the needle of the compass of her heart is showing erratic emotions.


I have just stepped on a sandy spot that’s pulling me down; I am trying to cling to any tree branch or a grip on the ground but I am slipping down below.


I reach the length of my arm to Nika to pull me up into her arms and into her heart.


In my imaginative positive forward thinking mind; she does pull me up and take me into her warm heart placing her right hand on top of my head and kissing my hair “Everything is going to be fine my baby” she whispers

Today is a day for my heart to skip a beat.

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