Why do I post at 6 in the morning πŸŒ…

I have developed a newish habit. 

I write every morning. 

Why I do this? 

No reason. 

I just feel like doing it and so I do it. 

I like to be myself. 

Does it serve any purpose afterwards?

Sometimes it raises my oxytocin but just for a brief little time. 

It also feels peaceful waking up so early along the birds, watch the sunrise, fix some coffee and write. 

Hardly anyone reads what I write, not to mention if there was a dislike button (subject to people being themselves), I would be overwhelmed. 

But I still write and I post on purpose when the world is asleep. 

I could wait a few hours and increase the likelihood of having my posts read by more people. 

But who said I want that? 

I don’t want people to read what I write. 

I write a post every day with no goal in mind. 

I am not writing a book or a memoir. 

I just get my emotions and feelings onto this stupid little keyboard on my phone then decorate the whole thing with a picture from my camera album and voila. 

A post. 

So to answer the question above, why I post at 6 in the morning is simply because I don’t write for you, I write for me πŸ™‚

If this post offended you, tell your mum she raised a P#%^*

my name is sherif and I got six packs πŸ˜›

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