Choose Love πŸ’š

It’s the most beautiful thing to be experienced by humans. 

I am here talking about couples love because it’s different from all other types of love. 

When you’re in love, the world becomes your playground. 

No matter how many times you fall, you quickly get yourself up, no matter how many goals you score, you keep scoring more, no matter how many people make you feel bad, you still out perform all the players, simply you become the master of the game. 

Knowing that someone loves you truly changes the way your mind and heart function; you feel alive at all times. 

When I thought of her when I got fired from a job I loved, it felt like I got promoted to the highest grade; I thought I was going to see her sooner. 

A true sincere love of a woman soothes any ailment or discomfort you encounter in today’s world. 

You may chase money, fame, career, or hobbies and they will definitely contribute to a good level of a meaningful life, but chasing love will reward you back double folded. 

Love is the food and water to the heart; without it, the heart is feeding on temporarily snacks of achievements, accomplishments, or simply doing things to distract it from what it really needs. 

Prioritize love over all other things; for love is all you need as the song said. 


Never judge a woman or a man who loves you; everything is amendable, you may change things about the person you love if you give them the love they desire. 

Follow your heart and tell it, it shouldn’t be afraid. 

Life is short, so very much. 

On your death bed, everything you acquired through life won’t fit in your mind at the time, only two things will:

Good memories and the love of a woman or a man. 

If you acquire these through your journey of life, you will travel away well packed and there would be no extra baggage to carry along. 

Love my fellow human for it will bring you joy beyond your current comprehension. – dayenjoyer 

my name is sherif and I felt love and it was the most beautiful thing on the planet 

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video journalist

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