I can’t remember the first time I watched Jim Belushi’s According to Jim sitcom but I remember loving the guy’s way of expressing and carrying himself from the first encounter.

Jim taught me that family is everything and laughter is as important as ever.

I learned from him how to make others happy in a funny and simple way.

After reading his book “Real Men: According to Jim” I started to develop my actions and thoughts to fit better in society.

I had great time building a great network of friends, making lots of money, going out with beautiful girls and my life’s social, mental, physical and spiritual needs were met almost daily.

Then I came across Larry David through “Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry brought out the hidden self in me to the real world.

I started to be and act as myself at all times, places, situations and moods.

I would put the Larry David moment on every day at work, at the gym and at restaurants.

I would simply speak what’s on my mind regardless of what others think.

I would still maintain respect and understanding but I would work on eliminating the factor of publicly expressing myself with no shame, fear or complementation.

Then I came across James Altucher, an influencer and a writer.

James’s coming has pulled me out of the deep hole I slipped through of The so called social norm.

He made me unfollow the herd of corporate world and chase what makes me happy.

At the time I met James I had achieved what I thought the dream job and dream life, but after reading “Choose Yourself!” I learned that the key to living a fulfilling life is to invest your time in yourself and the ones around you.

This morning I questioned myself “So the way I lead my life is now with the tools I learned from these three people, did they contribute to a better valuable life to me or should I reconsider, rethink and re-establish my life differently?”

Am I satisfied with what I have become by applying those people’s advice in life or maybe I should take another direction ?

If it wasn’t for these people, I would have become a delusional rat hamstering a false life on the wheel of the system of the norm.

my name is sherif and I am thankful to Jim, Larry and James.


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video journalist

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