Final Score: Life 2, Sherif 0. 

The winner is life, for the time being.

She beat me to the ground and defeated me yesterday when she took not only my love from me, but also my passports and laptop.

On the train, my backpack got stolen by a professional thief.

I was traveling to Alexandria to take a flight to Italy for a new job. But that did not happen.

Life has decided not to let me follow the direction I was taking, why! I don’t know.

Today I am in double shock, One the woman I love is gone, Two I am now an alien. No ID. No Passports. No Laptop. No Birth Certificate. No Nothing. Nada.

Spent the whole day at the police station filing a report while the flies and the heat toyed my emotions further.

I lost a lot of money and my tooth brush.

What am I to do with you life?

Are you testing my grit! I have none left, if you’d like to know, I am now beaten to the ground and unable to pick myself up.

But I am lucky to say I am still alive, healthy and well.

I am now officially at rock bottom with a blue tick next to my life ✔ 

Now I am starting from ground zero; I have no identity but I will get up. It will take a while but eventually I will lead the pack.

No need to feel sorry, because I am now emotionless.

Life 2, sherif 0.

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