Losing my important materials has liberated me, in a way.

I am thinking of trying something I never tried before; I am thinking of walking out the door with what’s on me, maybe just grab a selfie and a battery pack along to document the experiment, and just walk away. 
No money, no honey and definitely no bunny. 

What’s the worst that could happen?

I’ll have to find a decent spot in the street to sleep on, I might have to beg for money and food. 

Maybe I will go to restaurants and shops late at night and ask for any leftovers. 

What about showers and clothes? 

I will have to look for a job at any place and earn a few pennies to survive and afford my daily sustenance. 

How about I try this for just one week or one month and see how living unconditionally feels like. 

How being nobody with no ego, no money, no family, no friends, no possessions and certainly no title is going to make of me. 

When I un-materialized my life a few months ago, I didn’t want to carry anything valuable. 

After I cleared all my possessions, I was left with physical documents that I had no chance but to carry around. 

The weight of their importance was heavier on my mind than the weight of the bathroom sink. 

I had to carry a folder at all times with my important documents including passports, debit cards, driving licenses, etc. 

I had no safe place to keep them except my backpack. 

Now that they are all gone, I learned that when one doesn’t have an option except to carry important stuff around; it’s best to glue them onto your skin, i.e: waist bag. 

Humans create problems out of thin air; the more we possess, the more we worry and obsess. 

The more we carry, the more we suffer. 

The more we spend, the more we spend. 

The more we care about our well being, the less we live, love and let live. 

We need to take control of our lives and be in harmony with nature. 

A tree with a strong foundation stands tall no matter how blowy the winds are; it will sustain its life through shaping the nature around it. 

It will receive its water from the rain, it will get its food from air, it will flourish its leaves from bees and it will deepens its roots within earth. 

Live simply for it will be the only life that matters when you stand alone. 

my name is sherif and I have no materials, none. 

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