You have to experience hate in order to experience love

It’s flashing blue; the keyboard cursor on the screen as if waiting for the gun shots on a start line at the race of “what am I to write about today”

By the way I hate writing, I hate running, I hate swimming and I hate one of my old friends. 

But hey, I thought I taught myself to eliminate the feeling of hate from my heart altogether and instead trade it in with forgiveness, love and care. 

But I have come to realize that this might be impossible. 

Matthew Syed in Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of PracticeEdit said “if you practice doing one thing everyday, it becomes a habit and autopilot takes care of the skill, so you’d be doing it effortlessly with your eyes and brains closed”

I have been practicing loving everyone and hating no one. 

But it’s impossible to achieve; I can not love everyone whom I meet along my days. 

I do hate some people and what they’ve done to me and every time I try and subside that feeling with love and forgiveness; I am delusion-ing my very natural core of being human. 

I want to eliminate the hate factor from my human traits; why did God instill such trait in us?

One of the verses in the Qur’an goes something like this “so [angels asking God in wonder] you create people who do bad and shed blood and we pray for you, he said I know and you don’t”

Do we have to experience hate to understand how beautiful love is?

Maybe without hate we would have never loved one another or worse we would have never experienced love. 

As I heard once “There must be bad for good to exist”

How could we know if something is good unless we experience its bad?

So go ahead and hate, I give you permission to do so. 

Go ahead and be human; don’t fight the very own traits that define us as humans; we ain’t angels or gods, we ain’t devils or satans. 

We are just humans and it’s ok to be one. 

Just practice doing more good than that of the bad; but it’s ok to be bad sometimes; it’s what defines you as a real honest human. 

my name is sherif and I am still working on myself

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