You are far more loved by many than you actually think 💭 

Last night I was looking through my old pictures; you know, that’s what memories collectors like to do; they dig out the most beautiful moments in their lives. 
I couldn’t do the maths when I thought of how many people loved or still love me; my mind got out numbered. 

It turns out that there are so many people that love me and still do. 

Whether they are friends, family, relatives, girls I went out with, even strange dogs wag their tails when they see me. 

This morning I asked myself “How many people do not love me or to put it more contextually, How many people do not want to see or hear about me?”

It turns that the number of such people is a fraction of the other counter ones. 

So why my brain is always obsessed with those who don’t than the ones who do?

Because our minds are designed that way; it takes more than normal human skills to get over that unfriendly ego inside of us. 

Why’s my brain bothered with people who don’t care about me? What can I do to adjust it to think of the ones who care instead?

The answer is simple, train your mind to think of the right people in your life. 

If you collect pictures of all the people who love you the way you are and stick them on your bedroom wall; you will be overwhelmed with the amount of love you get.  

You are far loved by so many people more than you ever think; if you want to be assured, pull up your friends list either on Facebook or inside your head and start doing the maths. 

The numbers will astonish the beautiful self inside of you. 

How many times have you made others happy? How many times have you made someone’s day? How many times have you helped others? How many times have you stood by others when they needed your genuine friendship? How many times have you fed street pets? How many times have visited the ill? How many times have you given others in need? How many times have you smiled to strangers? How many times have you made someone laugh? How many times have you gifted others? How many times have you loved others unconditionally?

All those people that you once put a smile on their faces love you and their love towards you increases every time they think of your kind acts. 

If you want to up that number of having more and more people loving you, you must first be ready to love yourself in the worst of times. 

Even if your haters increase, especially the ones that are or were very dear to you, you must love yourself the way you are. 

Loving yourself everyday is the key to increasing the circle of love around you. 

But please understand that there’s a very thin line between loving yourself and priding yourself with ego. 

A good place to start is here (Ego is the Enemy: The Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent)

Be humble, be loving and most of all be yourself. 

my name is sherif and I am honorably loved by many. 

Photo: Me at 14 with a beautiful loving friend, 1997. 

Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮 

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