Here’s what I learned after I wrote everyday for 30 days.

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

I woke up early every morning and the first thing I did was write.

Before I’d start, I would get anxious and pressured that I must write or I’d feel bad about myself.

I tied my happiness onto something I have to do otherwise I wouldn’t have a good day.

Same with my previous relation, I tied my wellbeing onto it.

Since the beginning of time, I have been tying my happiness onto things such as accomplishments, people, materials, money, traveling, new experiences, coffee, chocolate, exercising and generally doing things I love.

Today I asked myself “Can I just be happy with zero expectations?”

Can I just sit somewhere or go for a walk and be the happiest I could ever be?



Practice being happy for no reason.

I try and do it everyday; I say to myself “today is a good day” and I feel a jolt of instant happiness.

I stopped tying my doings or life’s outcomes to how I should feel.

I learned that nothing and I stress on the word NOTHING will ever contribute to long time happiness except 3 things:

1- Gratitude

I started doing stretching/novice yoga sessions with relaxing music.

I’d close my eyes and think of all the things I am grateful for in my life.

Occupying my mind with such thoughts have calmed the other ones down.

2- Abundance

I have two legs, two arms and I am in good health. I can also see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

And I can run.

Being aware of such blessings gives me true lasting happiness.

3- Traveling (Yes, I lied above)

I believe in traveling. I breathe it. I live it, and I am in love with it.

I will never settle; I will spend my whole life exploring, learning and experiencing.

Whether on my own or with a small family; I will always be discovering the obscurities of our planet.

There are gems within our earth that are beyond my human perceptual sense of comprehending and in order to get a drizzle of such experience I have to see while I still can.

In conclusion, writing everyday has added zero jolts of happiness to my days.

Thinking differently did.

my name is sherif and I am practicing being happy for no reason.

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