Screw you my rational mind, I am following my irrational heart. 

When I fell in love with her; I changed.


I became someone I never was.

Before I met her I was in love with everything else but a woman.

I was in love with sports, traveling, reading, writing, food, my friends, London, learning and more.

When I met her, I put every other love on a secondary priority.


Because I simply couldn’t help it but to fall for her.

I could not control how my heart feels towards someone or something, some people can but I can’t.

When I feel I act. When I want I get. When I see I believe.

People blame me for an honest mistake; a mistake of loving a woman truly and unconditionally.

I am attached to her heart and how she made me feel; is that something to offend anyone?

“Don’t think about the past, get a life, move on, you will meet someone else” is what I get attacked by if I talk about her.

Only people with uncontrolled emotional drive will understand what is it to be in love without helping it.

I don’t have the ability or the skill of choosing who to love or how to.

I am not in control with how my heart behaves; I was born with it controlling and directing me.

It’s the one with complete authority over my actions and whatever it wants to do, regardless of whether the actions will make sense to the world or to me, will do it.

My heart is what directs the way I live my life.

It’s not my brain, my mind or how wise I have become that dictates my daily life, it’s my heart.

When I am in love with someone or something, my senses narrow down to the dimension of that person or that thing; they don’t see, feel, smell, hear, touch or sense anything else beyond.

That’s how my character is designed.

I follow my heart.

I trust its decisions blindly, it drives the vehicle of my emotions forward no matter what the road ahead is like, it doesn’t care about what I or the people ahead think, my heart is selfishly demanding, it will do as it feels regardless of how sane its actions may be.

I follow my heart my dear reader and that’s what I am.

Thank you for understanding.

my name is sherif and its my heart that beats life into my days.

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