I am in love with an image; Reality, not so much. 

Because I don’t know what I would be writing about., I usually come up with the title of my post after I finish it.

For the last few days I have been writing about love.


Because that’s what my feelings and thoughts are involved with, these days.

I try and occupy my mind with work and hobbies however love is the umbrella under which my mind operates its daily routine.

I just watched a short video about happiness in which the man describes it in a simple equation.

U = I – R (Unhappiness = Image – Reality)

And yes I am unhappy because the image I had in my mind with her being in it doesn’t exist.

The reality is, she doesn’t exist in my life anymore.

Now I have to accept such reality and get rid of the false image I developed in my head.


I have no #%^*+>~ clue.

It’s been two months now that no day has passed without thinking of her.

I pretend in front of others that I am over it; but the truth is otherwise.

People will never understand the real intensity of something unless it happens to them.

But I don’t care so much about what people think of me or my actions, even the ones closest to me; I respect their opinion but then smirk at them discretely while falling asleep.

To get over someone I truly love has not been possible for me yet.

Some said go to a counselor or a psychologist.


Should I go to someone who doesn’t know a fly about me, pay them and tell them my story with love?

I’d rather get a poodle which for sure will make me feel better.

If you love someone, so be it.

It’s so beautiful to be in love even with someone who doesn’t love you back.

It’s beautiful to feel your heart dancing with joy because you’re feeding it the best of meals.

Some people will never fall in love and will never experience the beautiful feeling you’re blessed with.

Love is not a skill or something you can pick up if you practice doing it everyday; love is a blessing and only selected few are gifted with such emotion.

Celebrate love and say it to someone you feel so towards.

I tell her before I fall asleep every night “I love you my beautiful Nika” and when I wake up I tell her “Good morning my sweet little darling”

Whether she knows it or not is not important; what’s important is me staying true to my very own self.

I Keep on loving because nothing else is worth fighting for in this world except true love.

So I would disagree with the equation above U = I – R and I would instead tweak it to H = I – R or R – I.

Happiness = Image – Reality or Reality – Image.

Whatever makes you happy so be it. Whether it’s an image you built, go ahead and make it a reality even without the person who’s supposed to be in it.

Train your heart to love unconditionally, train your mind to think without expectations, be happy with the simplest of things, tell your ego to go #%^* itself, never worry about what people think and don’t compare your life to others’.

my name is sherif and I am not ashamed to be in love with an image.

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