All further writings are aimed at myself; You, not so much. 

Dear Readers, Skimmers, and others who don’t care,

I am not making a propaganda or a fiasco over my under dramatic and insignificant life here on social media.

I am writing.

That’s it.

Do I want to benefit you or cause you any trouble?

I don’t have time for that.

I am too busy minding my #%^*.

I do not want anything to come out of my everyday practice, I just want to keep doing it.

For no reason at all.

All I want out of what I am doing every day is to lead a peaceful and a quiet life.

I don’t want any sort of complications in it, I want it to be as easy, smooth and relaxed as an uncaring owl 🦉.

The more I think, whether of you, me or anyone around me, the more I complicate my natural flow of thoughts.

That’s why I like to spend most of my time outdoors in the woods, by the beach or among nature simply cause the surroundings fill my mind with peace.

Tom Hanks jumped out of his lungs when he made fire in “Cast Away”, he cried his heart out when he lost “Wilson” his volleyball friend, and he smirked at the world when he lit fire with a push of a button at his come back dinner.

Looking around me, I see that I have everything to make the modern man at peace with himself since creation but it takes a twisted mind to enjoy such notion.

To be at peace, is to be friends with the world around me whether I am feeling good or bad.

I tried buying things to up my peacefulness but I learned that peace can not be bought or earned; peace is simply not caring about what I or others think.

Peace is just living my days the way I want to live them not the way others will look at me and think what an ass I am.

However if I want to spice up my peaceful life a notch, I should do so with working towards a meaningful goal.

I know what I want and I know how to get what I want and I am doing everything possible and impossible to get to that.

I plan, I set, I work, I think and I put alternative plans.

But at the same time I struggle, I get mood swings, I over think, I stress and I run.

Which I have finally come to accept such happenings cause it turns out that they are part of every day life and in order to lead a peaceful life, I have to accept it the way it is and keep working forever in order to tweak it a bit better.

“Live to live and you will learn how to live” – a proverb

my name is sherif and I wish you a good weekend

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