Here’s how to enjoy your day my fellow human. 

I once wrote about how switching your way of thinking is the key to having a good or bad day.

But I figured out that doing these (below) daily will detach you from whatever challenges life may attach to you.

Do something creative.
If you don’t read, write, learn, draw or study on a daily basis; your brain will deteriorate and you will become an autonomous being.

Working your mind out make you knowledgeable and the more knowledge you acquire the more valuable your life and those around you will be.


I have mentioned it many times and I will keep on mentioning it.

Exercising brings out the best feelings inside of me; they are usually submerged in my mind underneath the negative ones, but once exercised, the happy ones resurface on top of my cerebellum.

To enjoy exercising, set a a big goal and small ones so that every time you exercise you’re working towards an achievement.

For example, I want to finish an ironman triathlon. It will take me quiet a while to be ready. During my exercises I set a small goal like finish 1.5 miles faster, swim a lap or two longer, ride faster each time and so on.

Setting mini goals along a big one will make you look forward for your next exercise.

Take two showers.

Showering first thing ( well second after #%^^* ) will wake your body and brain up especially if you switch the tap to cold for the last 30 seconds.

A second one after work will get rid of the sloppy feelings you get after a hectic day and energize your evenings.

Switch off all notifications on your phone.

I will never allow a gadget to control my mood.

When I post on social media and look forward for a follow, a like or a comment; I do so with the intention of peacefully accepting the outcome.

Whether I get any likes is not as important as controlling my urge to check if I actually got any or not.

Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Work Week taught me a skill I use that serves my life better.

I check social media notifications at most 3 times a day, sometimes the next day.

When you post online, not many will think the same so best is to forget about it and use the time to focus on doing other things.

Don’t let social media dictate how you feel.

Slow down your current pace.

When I go for a walk I usually look at the top of the buildings, a skill I learned from Choose Yourself! by James Altucher.

It makes me alive in the current moment.

When I eat slowly and dedicate most of my attention to the meal, I enjoy it much better.

While having my coffee and croissant in the morning, I act like I am on a date with a beautiful partner.

No phone, no distractions; Just me and the melting of the chocolate in my mouth washed down with hot lavazza.

When I talk to people or to the sea, I slow my pace down. A good and easy way to do this is to sound like an American from Texas.

Talking slowly will calm you down and deliver the message in a more meaningful way; it will also make the conversation more enjoyable.

Life will be longer that way.

Think of the good memories in the past and turn them into better ones in the future.

When your mind compares your current life to a better one yesterday, don’t let it dwell too much and try to suck the good life you have out of the moment, instead take that good memory you thought of, update it to a better future one in your head and dust the bad ones away.

Tomorrow is a mystery, today is a blessing, yesterday doesn’t exist. – I just made that up 🙂

Have a good Sunday ☀️

almost forgot, my name is sherif 😉

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