What to do when your morning coffee cup ☕️ finishes.

Don’t go for another one; let the satisfaction of the caffeine intake take its time to reach all your blood vessels.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, pretend you are one for the duration of this post.

Why do I drink coffee first thing in the morning?

The only reason is because I love the taste.

Last year I went for two months without coffee and felt so much more energized on a daily basis.

But because I like it so I drink it, regardless of its benefits or harms.

This is how my desires operate; when they want to do something, they just do it.

Like it or not, the way I go about my days is shaped by what I have been exposed to throughout the last 34ish years.

I saw people drink coffee so I started drinking it.

I saw people play sports so I started playing them.

I saw people eating McDonald’s so I started eating it.

I saw people enjoying financial freedom and so I am doing everything I can to earn it.

I stopped fighting the desires inside of me and try and behave them like a little boy.

Why get in the way of my natural being as a human and ban myself from enjoying the fruits of living.

Everyday I live with a notion that “As long as my actions are not hurting anyone, I can do whatever I please”

Be it picking my nose, building a fourth pyramid or talking to the moon.

People will always judge me either discretely or loudly, it’s part of their lives and there’s nothing I can do towards that.

Instead I use the time to do more of the things I like.

I will not care about what you think of me or of what I do or say everyday; I will only care to do what I like as long as I am not hurting any of you.

I know it sounds a bit selfish; welcome to the world of humans.

Of course I would be a notch happier if what I do or say brings some value to you but I can not force that.

All I want is to lead an uncomplicated, simple and joyful life.

Sometimes all it takes is eating a burger and I am the happiest I have ever been.

Throw in a Cherry Coke and you got me hooked.

Don’t ever blame yourself for doing what your desires direct you to do.

They know how to make you happy so don’t get in their way.


my name is sherif and I wish you a good day

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