Flying the plane of your life gets easier after a bumpy rough area.

What happens when unplanned things suddenly happen in your life?

When you lose someone you love unexpectedly, when you break your leg, when you get fired, when you get sick, when you go broke, when you get stolen, when someone dear to you unloves you or when everything in your life doesn’t mean what it used to mean?

On the physical side of things as in reality, nothing actually happens.

The moon lights up the sky at night, the sun shines the next morning and the birds sing.

On the psychological and physiological side of yours you feel different and experience everything in life from a melancholic point of view.

What used to make you happy before doesn’t now.

What used to put a smile on your face doesn’t now.

What used to make you jump out of bed doesn’t now.

What used to make you feel beautiful at anytime doesn’t now.

So how do you revert to the happy self you used to be before all this mess took place in your life?

You smack yourself.

You and only you are responsible for everything that happens in your life whether with or without your help, you are in charge of the airplane of your bumpy ride and no one else.

You are still flying the plane, maybe some passengers hate the way you fly, some don’t care and some are happy.

Can you control how they feel?


All you have to do is make an announcement and say “Dear passengers, this is sherif, your captain speaking, I would like to apologize for the bumpy flight as we are currently cruising through a rough area, I will make sure to smoothen it as soon as possible, I can assure you that the rest of the flight will have way less bumps, if no bumps at all, for now, sit back, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the your flight”

It is very simple.

Apologize to the people you might have hurt in your life, maybe you did and you don’t know it.

I know you had only good intentions.

Study the manual of life a bit more this time and follow the written rules.

Many times they will not make sense, but it’s part of life, you must accept everything including non sense.

Safe flight ✈️

my name is sherif 

Published by dayenjoyer

video journalist

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