Here’s how I choose a happy life ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

When I was born into this life, I knew nothing.

Coming from my mother’s womb, the only skill I had learned while inside must have been sucking milk from a breast.

However I was told that I never performed such skill and instead preferred sucking milk from a bottle.

I simply didn’t conform with the one way dictated to me while living inside my mum for 9 months and decided to choose another way of doing things.

I believe this is the first challenge everyone of us faces when they open their eyes to the world.

Any challenge I face in today’s world can pretty much be handled the same way.

When faced with a challenge, whatever it maybe, simply refuse to deal with it the normal way, just tweak your thoughts and deal with it in a different way.

Just like you dealt with whether to go for the breast or to the bottle.

Humans are gifted with lots of choices, you can choose to live a beautiful happy life or you can choose a different type of life.

What I found most useful to lead a happy life is to expose myself to happy people.

Happy people are simply happy because they choose well.

Happiness is extremely contagious; that’s why you always see groups of kids jumping out of joy at the same time.

Those happy kids live inside you and me and all they want is to be happy.

Don’t stop them.

Yes I know the media and the current crazy world has enforced you to act like an adult but don’t listen to the world.

Listen to your heart.

Adulthood is not about conforming with what the world says, it is rather acting out the goodness inside of you anytime anywhere.

Stop worrying too much about what the world says and start exposing yourself to happiness.

If you can’t surround yourself with happy people due to the nature of your environment, you have the Internet.

Watch YouTube videos, tv shows, read, make a new friend.

It’s all about a choice, a good one.

Challenges will always rain down on you out of the blue sky and in order to still lead a happy life no matter what they may be, choose to be happy.

Go for the bottle not the breast.

my name is sherif and I am happy ๐Ÿ˜ 

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