Pray for Scott whose pain soothed my fears. 

It’s 8:48 am Egypt time; I am here ☝️ 

Both my ears hurt really bad with the left one semi deaf from pool swimming.

The surrounding world is still asleep hence my favorite time of the day.

I will be 35 soon, November 11th to be exact (a GoPro 🎁 will be very much appreciated)

As it’s the middle of my life, it was about time I experience mid-life crisis like everyone else.

I lost a woman I loved, I lost money, I lost my passports, my Green Card, my laptop, my friends, my job, my relationship with God, my sanity and I lost the spark I had for life.

The interesting thing is they all happened in a ripple effect, one after the other in a very short span of time, about two months.

Earlier in January of this year, the same things happened but in reverse.

I fell in love with a woman, I made so much money, I got an online job, I made new friends and I was as happy as I could have ever been.

The dream I drew in my head throughout my upbringing came true.

A woman. Money. Health. Friends. Traveling. A writing job.

In a nutshell it was the whole nine yards life I always wanted.

During the last two months, I lost all of that, as if they never happened in the first place.

Accepting such reality was harder than anything I have been through; I tried everything.

While I was browsing through medium’s articles last night, I came across this one by Scott Riddle “I’m 35 and I may suddenly have lost the rest of my life. I’m panicking, just a bit.

That article was a smack straight to my face.

I realized that everything I lost is trivial to losing one’s health.

Money comes and goes, materials can be replaced, losing a woman happens.

But health?!

If you ever see a healthy human complaining about what’s gone into their life and how they can make it better, please refer them to Scott Riddle’s article.

God Bless you Scott.


my name is sherif and I pray for Scott.

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