It is going to be an interesting day 🌴

After so much reading, be it books, online articles or a quote on a Snapple cap, I have come to realize that I need to have a story to tell others that will inspire them to have an interesting day.

If I want to be successful, rich, happy and content, I need to offer something to society or life in general.

I made a big mistake.

When I built my website and all the social media profiles out there, I did so with the intention of growing and acquiring as many followers and readers.

That was the number one setback to success.

If I really want to make it in this competing world and stick it out, I have to offer you value.

Yes you.

My theme for the last year and a half has been “today is a good day”

What value did you get when you read this on my profile?

A fraction of an inspiration?


How about when you watched my videos or read my articles?

Yes I know I was selfish and wanted to just promote my brand but I am only human.

Starting today I am tweaking the theme of my life.

Instead of “today is a good day, it is going to be an interesting day”

Everyday I will shoot a video, write a post, or come up with an idea with the one and only intention which is to make your day.

I will be very happy to receive suggestions from you such as places you want to visit, ideas you want to execute in real settings and watch the outcome, how to make a website, how to write or how to shoot videos.

I will be the happiest in the world to be working with any of you. 

A team of two is better than a team of one. 

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch me in action 😉

🌴It is going to be an interesting day 🌴

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