Why I capture my life on πŸŽ₯ and why you should too.

Since the beginning of this year, I started filming many of my days.

I have been making videos for my holidays, my operations, my relationship, travels, tennis, swimming, running, partying and dinners with family.

Once happy with the montage, I share them on social media for the world to watch.

The simple reason comes from this quote:

“Happiness is multiplied when shared”

The one thing that makes me truly happy these days is reliving the best moments of my life.

Hence my new hobby or career aspiration: Vlogging.

If you start to let go of the bad habits in your life such as spending money on materialistic things that bring you momentarily happiness and instead shoot your best days on camera then watching those beautiful moments later on, you will get long time happiness.

According to a study by me πŸ€“, watching my videos over and over instills so much motivation to my day.

You know, that kind of motivation you get intermittently through the day will sky rocket when you relive your good memories.

In order to shoot yourself and those around you, you must first accept and do these things:

1- Be ok with looking stupid.

When you take a selfie video, or place the camera in a restaurant and everyone starts to look at you as if you come from another planet, smile back 😊

2- Make a story board in your head when you’re filming.

I make sure to have fun when I am with friends or family and instead of just taking random shots, I would briefly make ideas in my head to have a story to tell through my videos.

3- Be a bit of a nag with others.

People your with will slightly reject the idea of taking videos all the time.

Simply tell them “you will thank me later.”

And don’t worry, they will get overwhelmed when you send them the finished product.

4- Never do it for money.

If your intentions out of making memorable videos are to make money or get famous, then you will never do a good job when it comes to vlogging.

The idea of vlogging is to inspire, entertain and offer value to your audience.

For examples of my work, visit my YouTube page.

For tips, please ask.

Enjoy your weekend πŸ˜‰

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video journalist

2 thoughts on “Why I capture my life on πŸŽ₯ and why you should too.

    1. Thanks for your comment Selviafei. You get better by practicing. The toughest part is to start. Once started the road is easier than you think. Just get in front of the camera and start shooting. All you need is your phone and a tripod. Add a smile and you will rock it πŸ™‚ happy to help anytime

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