If you’re single, I want you to know this.

Before I begin to dazzle you with today’s post, I would like to share a skill that will let you fall asleep faster.

I came up with the words of this article while I was trying to fall asleep last night.

I first thought of the title, then a little introduction and the rest just flowed until I drifted away.

It was such a beautiful feeling running through a story in my head and imagining and living it.

Try coming up with a story in your mind when you’re at bed tonight and see what happens.

Wishing you sweet dreams 😴💤🌙


I know how it feels to be single especially after you’ve been in love.

I know that the most beautiful memories of you together cling to your mind all the time.

I know how your heart feels right now, it’s as if they took the life out of it when they left you drowning in your sadness.

I know you’re trying all you can to let go but accepting such reality is still beyond your most imaginative comprehension.

They come to your mind out of the blue.

You could be cooking, watching tv, reading or working and suddenly their memory flashes, taking a front line ahead of your thoughts without any kind of a trigger.

I know that life now looks very different, the way you look at the world is not the same you used to, when you were together.

You were the happiest you could ever be when you gifted them with a present, your heart was jumping its walls out of joy when you made them smile and when you kissed, the world stopped.

When you wake up in the morning, the thought of how beautiful they were crosses your mind.

You start to feel anxious and wish you could be together in their arms.

You just want to send them a message and check how they are doing, if they’re still alive, if they met someone else, are they ok!

And now it’s you.

They are gone.

They don’t want to be with you.

They don’t want to know how you are, what you’re up to, nada.

It’s as if you never existed in their life.

But I am here for you.

I feel your pain my lonesome friend.

I could hear your cries from wherever far you may be.

I could sense the exact emptiness your heart feels right now because I am as empty as you are.

There’s a big hole in your heart and mine that no amount of other love is filling it.

Their love was the only love that fulfilled your soul.

Many times you pretend in front of the people around you that you’re now ok and it’s over.

But when you’re alone with their thoughts in your head, you cry your empty heart out as if you want to throw it up from your body.

Cry my beautiful friend, it’s ok.

Cry as much as you can and don’t let your ego stop you from doing so.

The tears coming from your eyes are the vital love signs that prove how emotional your heart is.

It means you have the healthiest heart of all.

It means you are still in love with them and when you were together you loved them with all your heart.

You gave them all the love your heart could give.

You squeezed all the emotional juice your heart carried until the very last drop on them.

Your mind at the time was on an off mode.

Because the fire coming from your heart overwhelmed all the other functional senses in your body.

Your heart has only one sense.


It can not rationalize, think, or make sense of an emotional situation.

All it can do is love.

You are beautiful and deep inside, the thought and the sensation of knowing so, surface onto the top of your soul but your ego tries and suppresses them.

Don’t let it.

One day you will meet someone else.

The same way you met your ex, you never knew that you’d meet them in the first place.

And it will be more beautiful than your mind can imagine, the same way you never knew how beautiful it would be with your ex.

But you have to do your homework, the same way you did to meet your ex.

You have to get yourself out there and show off how beautiful you are, the same way you did to cross lives with your ex.

Don’t cocoon to the memories of your previous relation.

I know it’s hard.

But they say time heals everything so let’s count on that.

Your heart is like the sun; in the background, it keeps shining at all times, clouds may come and shadow some of its rays but somewhere else it’s shinning beautiful moments onto a different part of the world.

The clouds will clear, I promise you, and you will see the rays of your heart striking through them dispersing a new kind of love better than you have ever imagined.

This time your heart will be pumping love like a waterfall that will cruise your soul finally to its long lost home 🏡.

Be patient my friend and the rewards will reap your life with a halo of endless love 😇


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my name is sherif and I dedicate this to you

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