How to have a Marine Fit mindset when facing high seas.

One of the habits of the most successful people is they are able to do their work when they least feel like doing it.

When there’s no excitement in your life, especially after a trauma, doing the work you’ve always been passionate about seems un purposeful.

However, I learned ways through my challenges in life, that help me do my work no matter what’s going in in my life.

Yes I felt depressed, happy, moody, agitated everyday, but I never stopped doing my work even when it doesn’t give me any jolt of joy.

Here are 3 mindset skills I learned while training to become a Royal Marines Commando.

(Please note that I was only a recruit, I never actually made it to earn the coveted green bare because my interests had changed at the time)

1 – Don’t think, Just do Mindset.

“Get down and give me 50” was yelled at me numerous times during the day sometimes for a mistake I made or simply for no reason.

When your physical body is under pressure and your mentality is shattered because of extreme humiliation, you only have one choice to answer the orders given to you.

Don’t think, Just do.

No matter what you maybe going through in your life right now, there’s no excuse to doing your work.

I usually do most or all of my homework in the morning when the world is asleep.

It takes me 4-5 hours of deep work then I am the master of the rest of the day.

I can lounge around, I can munch on fruits, have a cup of tea, watch, or better put, shuffle through tv channels, browse mindlessly through social media and feel good about myself, knowing that I accomplished today’s tasks.

Do your work habitually and it will be done autopilot-ly.

2 – It pays to be a winner.

“Come on Seda, you C—” was what made me among the top finishers in any aggravating exercise.

You will never get anything done or accomplish any goal without paying your dues through effort, real effort, Royal Marines effort.

Persistence, discipline and determination are the shortest ways to accomplishing any goal you set in your horizon.

One skill or technique I use to encourage myself is talking to myself loudly so I can hear what the other person is dictating me.

Make the inner voice of yours be heard, even if you’re among others. It’s ok, they will look at you as if you’re mentally retarded. I usually reward them with thinking so through an Irish mad man smile.

3 – Master the day.

The Troop’s ColSgt lectured us on looking forward only for the current day and accomplishing its challenges.

He taught us that tomorrow exists only in our minds and whatever may be coming ahead is only thoughts designed or imagined inside our brains.

He said “all what you have right now is what you have right now, all what you’re doing right now is what you’re doing right now.”

With these words the troop learned to think short term, extremely so.

All we’d be doing is the task at hand using present tense thinking, once finished, we move to the next, then the next until the biggest reward of the day:

Crashing at bed.

“You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax. Master the day. Then just keep doing that every day.” – Wake up world

In conclusion, you don’t need to experience life at the military to be able to accomplish the tasks you set yourself to accomplish, you just need to do your homework, your passionate homework, no matter what you may go through.

The purpose of life is not in living a fulfilling future, rather its in living a fulfilling today so tomorrow is more fulfilling and the day after until fulfillment takes the captains seat.

By then you can switch to autopilot and enjoy the ride.

my name is sherif and I am the captain of my ship 😉

I make travel videos to inspire others about the joy it brings, head to my Facebook page to see me in action. 

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