Learn positivity surfing over its counterpart ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿผย 

At the beginning of this week, I started a course called “The Science of Positive Psychology”

It’s a free 6-week course on coursera which you can get it certified for $50.

What I learned so far is that the way the human brain is designed is to be more aware of the angers around it.

The reason being, we have inherited such feeling “Fight or Flight” from our ancestors.

Because all they had to do was hunt for food and they’d either get eaten or flee the scene like roadrunners.

Which is a good thing because if you’re not aware of danger which also includes general negativity in your life, you wouldn’t notice the bus coming towards you to avoid getting hit.

Hence why our brains can not be at a positive state at all times no matter how serene your life and circumstances are.

Your environment plays the second biggest role in shaping how you feel.

The first role is how you respond to situations which shapes your inner feelings driving you to feel good or bad.

With mind training you can cognitively accustom your life to respond positively to situations more than negatively.

One of the ways is to constantly remind yourself of the positive emotions in your life that have gone subtly.

For example, being healthy is a very positive feeling but it becomes nothing if we never get sick so you only wish you were healthy when you’re sick.

Being healthy becomes un noticeable when you don’t recognize how good it is to be so.

Gratitude has the same effect, when you don’t think of the little things in your life frequently such as, availability of daily sustenance, people who love you, having a roof above your head etc, the positivity of such blessings gets embedded in your consciousness and negativity takes a step forward in your line of thought.

“I want more” becomes a ringing bell in your frontal lobe if you don’t realize these positive points that are buried deep inside your brain.

When the goings gets tough, recognize how beautiful everything around you right now is.

Don’t look up to other people whether through social media or life and start comparing yourself to other people who seem they have got it all sorted.

Instead, write down the blessings in your life, stick them on the fridge, the bathroom mirror and on your working desk so that you can trigger such thoughts in your mind.

Remember “Out of sight is out of mind”

Generally a person’s day has more positive feelings than counter ones, according to a research.

However you have to constantly recognize and notice the good things in your life in order to increase the feeling of positivity.

my name is sherif and I am very grateful to be alive.

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer.

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