How constant learning develops a better version of me. 

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The more you get yourself out there, the more you experience.

The more you experience, the more you learn.

The more you learn, the better you become.

Since January of this year, I have made learning my all time favorite hobby.

I have many other hobbies like triathlon, coffee, ice cream (yes I consider these as hobbies especially having them together), rewarding myself with a can of Pepsi, and being in shape.

But setting myself the ultimate goal of the purpose of my life, I have come to choose it to be constant learning.

I have devoted my spending habits, my time, my energy and my health towards doing everything that makes me on an autopilot mode of continuous learning.

Everyday I learn as much as I can through exposing myself to many tasks.

In the morning, I wake my writing muscle up with reading articles on Medium and Facebook.

Once charged, I begin to write what you’re reading now.

To start the day cheerfully I then watch a video of “The Bucketlist family and Yes theory”

Then I go and exercise to wake my other muscles up.

After that I reward myself with a nice breakfast.

A cup of Lavazza espresso accompanies and aids the digestion process afterwards.

Then I log on to coursera and continue studying two courses “The science of positive psychology and Gathering & Developing the news”

Then I learn ReactJS on codecademy.

Once done, I would take a break where I’d binge eat some fruit then read a few pages of “The triathlete training bible

As it’s currently summer time, I’d go do another exercising session then I am off to the beach relaxing and having a conversation with my dad where we exchange what I learned and he’d tell me about the book he’s reading “Why is life the way it is?” 

Instagram @dayenjoyer

Before bed I’d read a couple of pages from “Sapiens: a brief history of human kind” until I get teleported to the land of dreamers.

I have been doing such routine daily for the last two months.

It gets easier and faster everyday to accomplish these little tasks that it somehow doesn’t feel like accomplishments, it feels like a normal day to day activities.

One of the most rewarding feelings I experience is seeing my hard work pay off

For example, I’d be working on editing a vlog of my latest trip for many hours through the span of two weeks, then another few for targeting it to the right audience, then waiting for those view counts to sky rocket; after such effort, creativity, energy, patience and perseverance, the video would reach the view count I set and beyond.

Accomplishing a big goal through accomplishing a mix of mini and micro goals is one of the most valuable sensational feelings you can reward yourself with.

Learning infuses your mind to create, to flourish and to become a better version of yourself.

You may not notice it when you get so good at it that it becomes effortless, but its delayed gratification out weighs those short term ones you get through other means.

my name is sherif and I am a learner.

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer.

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I wish you a good day and thanks for reading 😉

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