Here’s what happens when you become a giver. 

One of my relatives, a 50-year old woman, has always been smiling every time I visit or talk to her on the phone.

Her tone of voice, body language and the way her facial expressions look emit happy emotions at most, if not all, times.

Her name is May.

She lost a lot in her life recently, two younger brothers, her mum and nephew.

A few weeks ago while on a visit, I thought she’d be down.

When I entered the house, I was met with cheer joy, lots of genuine smiles, cake, soft drinks, biscuits and great talk.

When I came back home, I asked my mum “How could May be so happy and cheerful when she just recently been through lots of traumas?”

Her answer was a wake up call, like an alarming tower bell striking straight through the center of my trance-dental existence “Because she spends most of her time, money and energy on giving”

I continued “What does she give?”

“Everything she can”

It turns out that May has been dedicating her last 20 years to giving.

Her purpose and meaning in life is defined by how much she’s able to give.

The ROI (Return On Investment) she receives after such act is emotionally higher to her than any other investment.

I stole such idea from May a few years ago and started incorporating it on others such as family, friends, the poor and a woman I love/d.

I have come to learn that seeing the ones I care about happy, especially because I contribute to such feeling, is the biggest most compelling and overwhelming joyful feeling I ever experience.

The second most compelling act, can be found at the end of this post; bonus points if you can guess it 🙃

“Spending money on others results in more happiness than spending it on yourself.” – according to a psychological research.

Before learning and adapting such act, I used to worry about making more money, about becoming the best, about doing this and doing that which at the end resulted in lots of worry-ness.

When I started giving, I became richer in all walks of life, especially in how it feels inside my mind and my heart.

However because I am as very much of a human as you are my dear friend, I am sometimes manipulated by my other friend, Mr Ego.

He recently deviated such act from my life and selflessly turned my mind away from continuous giving, especially after my life was on an upward spiral of false success.

I recently made a lot of money, fell in love with a wonderful woman, got a great job and life was just perfectly serene, I speculated.

Overwhelmed with such fantasy, I began to acquire more and more of such life and became so busy that I stopped giving.

The result:

The complete opposite of the above.

Starting today, giving shall be one of my main priorities in my daily life.

If you’d like, you can check out Give and Take by Adam Grant which will transform the way you see the world through unconditional giving.

Bonus answer: traveling 😉

my name is sherif.

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer.

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I wish you a good day and thanks for reading 😉

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