You were not born for an ordinary life, no one was. 

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. -Mark Twain

No matter what your current life situation is, whether you feel complete serenity or outlandish boredom, I urge you not to settle for a mediocre lifestyle.

Do not conform with what others define as success, do not follow in the shoes of those who seem like they have got it all figured out.

Here’s something for you to know:

You will never figure it out, you know why?

Because life constantly evolves, your mind as well.

Today you have interests, tomorrow you will have different ones and after tomorrow will dazzle you with new interests that never crossed your level of comprehension.

My next book to read on my Amazon wish list is “The art of non conformity” by Chris Guillebeau.

I have read both of his previous ones “The $100 start-up and The happiness of pursuit” which have shifted my perspective about a good life to a higher level.

The only way to move your life forward in a direction that will bring you complete sense of purpose and meaning is to follow your gut.

Wanna travel the world? Go do it.

Have kids? Take them with you.

Wanna finish off paying your mortgage or debt? Do it.

Wanna meet the man/woman of your dreams? Go look for them.

What’s stopping you?

You have all the time in the world you need to make anything you want happen.

Equip yourself with the habits of patience, perseverance, faith and coffee drinking and you will get there in no time.

10 years ago my dream was to work for a leading multinational corporation because that’s what I was influenced by during my days at college.

“Get good grades so you can have a great career with a leading Forbes 500 companies” was what students talk about between classes.

Today my dream is to learn, explore, travel, discover and meet a woman who’d do the same with me.

No one ever told me about such dream or influenced it on my thinking habits, it was simply developed as I got to discover the world a bit more than usual.

Life has so much to offer, the gems of our world are waiting for you to be uncovered, who will if you don’t?

Investing your time in yourself and the world around you is the shortest cut to being rich in all walks of life.

Money will never make you rich, even if you accumulate all that is in the world; only your state of mind will.

My friend, you don’t have to listen to what I say, or any one else; just listen to yourself.

Here’s a life example:

Recently, I ditched my heart rate monitor that I used to train with and depend on for years during my exercises; I have finally come to realize that seeing my heart beats on a digital watch hinders my ability to perform better, I was so busy with the science of how my heart works that I lost focus, instead I started listening to and feeling my heart.

After three weeks of training without a HRM, I set a new PB for the 1.5 mile run.

In case you’re curious, 8:44.

My experience with life, after 35 years of dedicating everything I have to her, is that it will get a long with you if you follow your heart, not people, not governments, and certainly not your teachers.

Do not follow except your intuition, your gut feeling, and your heart for they know the way better than yourself or anyone else.

If you want to learn from great leaders, no problem, take in as much as you want from their experiences but know one thing:

You are unique.

You are not going to be the next Zuckerberg or Aristotle, no one will.

There’s only one Zuckerberg, Aristotle is dead and there’s you.

If you really want to make a difference in your life and the world, simply just do it.

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my name is sherif.

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer

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I wish you a great Sunday and thanks for reading ☀️

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