Upgrading your mind from a thinker to a doer will make your life excitingly prosperous.

She woke up one morning to the sounds of multiple “dings” from her latest iPhone.

Upon swiping, she learned that her business took off.

She jumped out of bed, still unaware of the reality of the situation, she thought it was a dream.

She rushed to the bathroom and washed her face.

Soap got into her eyes, but the excitement of the moment subsided the feeling of the itch.

With water dripping off her hands, she quickly dried her eyes numbing the pain for an extra second.

She grabbed the phone, double pressed the home button and swiped the application up to close it.

When she re-opened it, reality was confirmed.

She has just made $10 million dollars in sales.

She called her friend and couldn’t put much sense when she was trying to describe her feelings but she managed to mumble the words “I am rich” somewhere in between the chaos of her ecstatic emotions.

2 days later, she received a call from Google who offered to buy her company at the price of $100 million dollars.

When she suddenly started crying and dropped the phone.

Luckily she had one of those skull candy phone cases so the handset was still ok.

After a few seconds she picked it up again, apologized and said “sure.”

A week later on her way to Starbucks to plan a trip around the world, she bumped into a gentleman accidentally dropping her notebook.

She instantly felt an emotion when he apologized looking straight into her eyes.

Stepping onto the notebook by mistake, he insisted on buying her another one.

“There’s a book shop around the corner after two blocks, let me buy you a new one”

He then took her for coffee.

While chatting they found out they have a lot in common, they both love traveling, started and sold their companies, love black coffee and wanted to travel the world.

A month later they were on their journey, holding hands and having champagne 🥂 in a first class suite heading to Mauritius as their first destination.

Brace yourself:

The story above is fiction, my mind just made it up or better put, it imagined what a perfect life for it would be.

Here’s a dialogue between me and my imaginative mind:

If this happens to you, will that make you happy?

Damn yes, so %^*>^ much.

Can you make such story happen to your life?

I don’t know, I will have to put in the effort to start a company, make it successful then sell it.

Is it guaranteed that you will be a millionaire after you put in the time and the hard work?


What is it that you want to do after you make so much money?

I want to travel the world.


I want to meet a beautiful partner who shares my same interests.

What’s stopping you?

I don’t have the money.


You don’t have the mindset.

A barista can enjoy traveling the world more than a billionaire if they have the right mindset.


The barista can serve coffee in every city in the world, save their money and travel around as much as they desire.

“Looking puzzled”

Listen my lost friend:

You don’t need money to travel and enjoy your life, you need the mindset of a doer.

A doer has developed a mindset that is fearless, risky and adventurous with a slice of rationality.

If you try and rationalize everything in your head, you will be wasting time thinking too much until thinking is what you will always be doing.

However a doer exposes themselves, they have risen above their un comfortable feelings.

Shyness, embarrassment and hiding away have been eliminated from their thoughts through frequent exposure.

If you want to have the life you always want to have, go ahead and chase it.

It’s not guaranteed it will happen, but at least you will die trying.

It will feel so much better when you know you have given it all you can.

my name is sherif and I am chasing a journey of discovery until the end of time.

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer

Check and subscribe to my travel videos on YouTube

I wish you a great day and thanks for reading ☀️

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