Enjoying your journey is way more rewarding than the mythical there.


“Enjoy yourself, it is later than you think.” ~ Socrates

The journey of life becomes more exciting when you stop and make notice of every day passing by.

Many of us set goals whether financially, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Have you ever wondered that reaching such goal will not get you the thought or feeling you falsely and delightfully designed in your head?

Did you know that almost everyone who reaches their ultimate goal they set for themselves, get depressed, sometimes severely so, a few days later?

The reason being their mind, it wonders “Is this it? Is this success? Is this what it feels like accomplishing a goal?”

After achieving his ultimate dream of winning a Wimbledon title Andre Agassi went into deep depression and isolated himself from the world.

The “What’s next?” question hits everyone right after they accomplish a goal, no matter how small or how big.

After I ran my first marathon, I was left with tears of sadness more than joy for the next two days.

I felt my life was empty and meaningless.

This is what I call reaching the plateau of success; you have accomplished something that was so far from your psychological reach that your imagined feeling was greater than the actual one, when reality hit you right between your eyes your mind betrayed you.

After working out for 9 months 4 times a day, I made it to Royal Marines Training; my ultimate goal was to pass PRMC, a 3 day course in which their motto at the time was 99.99% need not apply.

Right after I passed and received the handshake, the certificate and the boots, I started crying on the train ride back.


I didn’t speak to anyone for a few days, I didn’t even call my family to break the good news and I felt terrible as if you took the life of the 9 months of excitement out of me.

I later realized that enjoying the journey of a goal you set yourself is way more valuable, meaningful and prosperous than reaching the goal itself, no matter how big that goal is.

The same goes with life, your ultimate goal should be anything you want to set for yourself however your daily goal should be reminding yourself to enjoy the journey.

Life is like a one and only ride on a roller coaster, if you don’t scream and yell your lungs out during every second of the ride you will not enjoy it as much if you only keep looking forward to when it stops; when it does you wish the ride was longer and that you had enjoyed it a bit more.

To remind yourself that enjoying your journey should be your top priority, simply write “enjoy your journey” where you can frequently see the words during your day.

I write it on my wrist next to my watch, on the fridge and the bathroom mirror.

Trust me on this one, the journey of life is bigger and more rewarding than any goal you may accomplish.

I figured out that the ultimate goal is being aware of my current ride and screaming my lungs out.

my name is sherif.

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer.

Check and subscribe to my travel videos on YouTube

I wish you a great day and thanks for reading ☀️

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