You only get strong when you have used up all your weak.  

I have been hit, severely so, more psychologically than physically.

The most painful I have taken so far was when my relation with a beautiful woman ended.

How did I react?

Like most normal human beings, I stopped eating or better put the feeling of hunger diminished, I exercised a lot, got thinner, isolated myself, felt bad, and looked at the world from a hopeless man’s perspective.

After a few days, when the feelings worsened, I started looking for a new job.

On my way to the airport to start a new life, I get robbed and lose all my personal belongings including laptop, passports etc.

That’s when it felt like I just stepped on a grenade.

Losing a job I was excited for after losing a woman I was in love with buried me in a sea of melancholy.

Crying everyday at the hardship of recollecting what’s left of my life back together, I managed to get my #%^* together under a month.

While engrossed in a mayhem of chaotic sadness, I managed to write everyday, read everyday, study everyday, work everyday, learn everyday, exercise everyday and have fun everyday.

Turns out in the last two months while in the darkest moments of my life I achieved the following:

I wrote and published over 50 articles.

I ran 170 kilometers.

I finished two courses online “ReactJS & Gathering the news.”

I published 3 videos which acquired a view count of 6K combined.
I upped my social media followers by 25%.

I finished 3 weeks of Ironman training sessions.

And I got my passports back 🙂

It turns out that when you get hit, you fall, then you stay down thinking about ways to get yourself up, then you force and push yourself to do things that have delayed gratification effects, then you get on the road and start a new journey in a new world.

Life by then will seem like as if you have just been born and that whatever it is you went through before, was nothing but a mere second struggling to get yourself out of the womb of its challenges.

I have learned to see the good in everything when good was the only choice I had.

It takes a lot of hits to finally flourish and rise to a world better than your all your previous ones.

my name is sherif.

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer.

Check and subscribe to my travel videos on YouTube

I wish you a great day and thanks for reading ☀️

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