Getting lots of money will not make you rich, passions will. 

10 years ago my Dad advised me to buy a house.

Since my childhood I developed a spending habit that I would never put all my sweat from work in a materialistic need.

My Dad’s words at the time were of a deeper impact than my outlook on the future:

“Sherif, you must buy a house, even if you don’t need it or not intending to live in it; it will be the biggest investment you will make if you want to be free”

I asked “Free from what?”

He said “I can’t explain it right now but one day you will realize that being financially independent will reward you with a meaningful and prosperous life”

After college, I worked for 6 years as a flight attendant, paid 70% of my salary every month for the house installments, saved 20% and spent 10%.

Last Christmas, while on holiday,

I received an offer and sold the house; I made 300% in profit from its original price back in 2007.

A couple of days later, the excitement faded; I thought making a big profit after so many years of investing would make me happy for longer than that.

This is when I came across Jim Carrey’s quote 

“I wish everyone would get rich and famous so they’d know it’s not the answer”

I realized that to be rich and famous you don’t chase money and fame, you simply chase your passion.

What’s the point of getting rich and famous out of something you don’t like?

Do you want to be an entrepreneur. Do you really want to be a business man/woman and go through the hassle of building a company, hire & fire people, get stressed everyday to make it successful and eventually sell it for 10 million bucks then realize 

“My Gosh, where’s the feeling of success?”

Success my friend is a word invented by society like advertising.

They want you to keep buying into the dream so that you are a step closer to the imaginary rewarding feelings and thoughts you decorated in your mind that don’t actually exist in reality.

Reality is, you will never get satisfied if you keep chasing something because that’s what the social norm defines.

I prefer the word passion and do everything I can to grow such hobby.

What is passion?

It is the thing you find joy in doing without attaching a financial value to it.

I love writing, I do it everyday, no money element involved, never will.

I love exercising, I stopped signing up for gyms a year ago and now give a show at the park and on the beach.

I love traveling and Quality Time and they are the only things that I happily spend my hard earned money on.

I love learning, inspiring, exploring, discovering and making new friends.

These are my passions, they cost me nothing in monetary value but they bring me a sense of purpose and meaning that money never did, do or ever will.

My passion is to grow my passion and stretch its limits until I have filled my world and the worlds of those around me with joy, meaning, purpose and sense of being.

Chase money and you will get disappointed, chase fame and you will get depressed, chase what you love and joy will propel you out of bed every morning.

my name is sherif.

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer.

Subscribe to my travel videos on YouTube.

I wish you a great day and thanks for reading ☀️

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