The 5ive Emotions of Love

One of the most basic human needs for a prosperous and meaningful life is sharing its moments with someone you love.

A while ago I learned about what brings my life true and lasting joy.

I was blindfolded when I thought that getting rich or acquiring things is the direction I should take to fill the void in my life.

It turns out I was a member of a group called “The herd of consumerism“.

I keep learning everyday that no matter how much I achieve and how happy I feel after such accomplishments; the feeling will fade if I don’t have someone in my life to share them with.

When I was in love, everything I did, felt a great deal of happiness.

Even when I was washing the dishes, I was dancing out of joy knowing that I am in love with my woman.

Sharing life and everything in it with a beautiful partner is the key to happiness.

If they tell you there’s no key to happiness, don’t believe them; fall in love and you can thank me later.

Here are 5 positive emotions I learned about while in a brief relationship with a woman I love/d.

1. Joy:
When you feel joyful, you feel playful and when you feel playful you up your energy and motivation levels which push you to learn more, gain more and accomplish more.

Everyday after receiving a morning kiss from her, I would work for 5 straight hours with utter creativity, inspiration and excitement.

2. Gratitude:
Noticing the little things in your life and always reminding yourself of them will wire your brain to think positively more than often.

With love, you will come to think more of how a little thing such as seeing your other half healthy and sound will fill your days with complete satisfaction.

3. Serenity:
Being in love will make your outlook on life so content, you will feel like your current circumstances are so right and that everything around you feels so good.

When she was getting ready for work, especially while putting makeup on, I would take a sneak view of how beautiful she is and thank the worlds for such gift.

4. Interest:
When in love, you will get interested to know more about the world, you’d get charged all day long with so much positive cognitive energy that you’d want to explore and discover more whether about your love or the why life the way it is.

One day I wanted to impress her, so I got interested in learning Michael Jackson’s Thriller, unfortunately I spent the next two days with a twisted head.

Tip: Go easy on your neck muscles if you ever want to learn that dance.

5. Inspiration:
Love will inspire you to be the best you could ever be simply because your number one fans you want to inspire are your partner.

Before publishing a video or an article I spent hours on, I’d send her a copy and ask what she thought; if they inspired her, I had reached my ultimate goal of producing an inspirational work.

Putting it all together:
If you’re in love, cherish them, hold them close to you, give hugs every time you see them, kiss more frequently, hold their hands wherever you go, whisper I love you even in their sleep, recharge your heart with the smell their scent and make their well being your top priority.

If you’re not in love, then chase love.

my name is sherif.

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer.

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I wish you a great day and thanks for reading ☀️

P.s: this post is inspired by “The science of positive psychology course

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