Here’s a secret a real blogger doesn’t want you to know.

Charlton London 📷@dayenjoyer

A few days ago, Medium considered me one of its top writers in inspiration.

Followers since then have been increasing at a rate of 5-10 a day; currently there are 117 people following my stories.

Take out 30% scammers, another 30% who like to be everywhere but in reality no where and another 30% who don’t like my stories but follow me for the sake of digital gratification.

Now people who actually check my stories are 10%, let’s say 5% scan only the title and 5% actually read the full story.

Maybe 2% will like my story and 1 very generous percent will hit like or clap.

The math is: out of 117 followers, only 1 actually enjoys reading what I write.

So why do I still keep writing knowing such facts?

Why don’t I just stop such a ridiculous hobby and go get a life instead?

Bournemouth park
Bournemouth Wallisdown Park 📷 @dayenjoyer

I could invest the many hours I waste on something else such as learning, socializing, going places, etc.

What is it that attaches me to writing so much?

Let me explain one thing:

I am not a writer, neither any of us here on medium or anywhere online.

Yes many who write online call themselves writers just because they write.

But to put it into the right context they are just bloggers.

Writers do not blog; writers write books and not any books; they write great books.

The likes of Dan Brown, JK Rowlings, Adam Grant, Robert Greene and many others are writers.

How could you call yourself a writer when such title is given to the likes of the above?

I know my words might hurt you a bit which is good because you only develop when you feel uncomfortable.

My point is no matter how good you become in online blogging and how many followers you acquire, it’s not going to make your life any happier; you may get instant jolts of false happiness every time someone likes or follows your publications but somewhere along the road you called “success” such happiness will no longer exist because the human mind is designed to crave for more.

“Digital notification is the new smoking” -Bill Maher (I don’t like him either)

Now back to the question I ask myself every day:

Why do I still blog knowing that not many actually care about my posts?

The answer is I find pouring what’s going on in my mind onto a white board liberates my head from the chaotic tangled world of thoughts running through my brain.

I don’t know about you but my life and how I feel about it are very much shaped by the circumstances around me.

What happens around me affects the way I live, so I just empty out my feelings and thoughts onto these things called Medium, WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, the list goes on just to free my mind.

In the old days, I would blog and wait for likes and claps to feel content; it turns out I was doing it the wrong way.

The right way, I found, is to blog with one expectation; to liberate your thoughts from the prison that is your head.

Charlton London 📷@dayenjoyer

You must on a daily basis parole your feelings out of you otherwise they will get agitated and bug you until they start jumping like a chimp in a locked cage aka your mind.

If you blog with the intention of acquiring followers, money, fame or anything else other than it being something you really love doing, good luck reaching the mythical there 😉 

my name is sherif. 

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer.

Subscribe to my travel videos on YouTube.

I wish you a great day and thanks for reading ☀️

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