Why Medium is my all time favorite app.

Here’s what my daily theme look like I call it so because it takes the stress out of the equation away. (Thank you James Altucher for the tip)

I don’t do all of these tasks religiously; on a good day I’d accomplish 70% of the list, on a bad one about 95%.

Yes it may sound contradicting but on bad days pushing myself to finishing them make me fall asleep quicker at night.

The numbers next to the tasks is the time in minutes I set myself to spend on each.

Again I don’t follow the times religiously, but just a rough idea for my mind to free it from over thinking.

Notice that at the bottom of the theme “Medium” is the only task I didn’t set a time for, I did before, 15 minutes, but I had to take it off.

Here’s a short story explaining why:

Two years ago while interviewing for a job with Apple, the company that made the App Store which lead to the making of Medium (Thank you Apple), one of the questions I was asked among 20 monotonous other was “what’s your favorite App?”

Suddenly I sat up, extended my spin along the back of the chair, my eyes glowed with excitement I said “Medium” with a louder tone than usual.

The two apple employers looked puzzled, not to mention the candidates next to me.

First Apple tshirt 📷@dayenjoyer

Not many have heard of the app back then as most people preferred more engaging apps, especially the ones requiring the least amount of brain usage.

When asked why “Medium”, I said “Because it makes my days.”

“Every day, the first app I open is Medium; I would read the first article on the front page and my whole day’s outlook simply shines with positivity” I added.

Fast forward two years:

Today I am addicted to the app in a way never thought more useful to my life and personal development.

I spend about 1-2 hours a day writing and reading on Medium.

The more stories I read the more I learn and in return feel better and the more I write, the more I engage with other users in the simplest of ways.

What makes Medium so addicting?


I relate the success of Medium to the success of the American series “Seinfield”

The show had a simple goal “make a show about nothing”

Medium had a similar goal “make an app about words”

I am not sure if Ev Williams was influenced by the seinfield or he’s just a genius who loves words.

Either way, I would be the first to invest if Medium goes public.

Frequently I blame Medium for stealing the time I used to dedicate to reading books but I believe the future of reading is changing bit by bit.

Maybe because our attention span is getting physiologically altered, people would incline to reading online publications more than books.

But here’s another thing I love about the app that I never found in any other:

No matter how much time I spend on it, I don’t feel guilty.

Swiping through social media apps make you regret (maybe I should use a less harsher word) the precious time you wasted without adding much value to yourself.

With Medium, you are constantly feeding your mind with healthy stories that makes it fitter.

If you really want to learn, get inspired, and enjoy your days a bit more use Medium.

my name is sherif and I like Medium

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer.

You may find value in my travel videos on YouTube.

I wish you a great day and thanks for reading 

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