Read this if you want to do the human race a favor. 

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I am out of writing ideas; my brain has been sweating every day to produce these various pieces of articles I have been writing.

It feels like my mind has gotten into a numbing stage where ideas have stagnated to emerge.

So today I decided to write about what’s it like not having any idea what I am going to write about.

Every morning just before I start writing I make some coffee hoping that caffeine will awaken the writing muscle in my brain (of course there’s no such thing as a writing muscle or any muscle in the brain but that’s the beauty of writing, you can make things up and write about them), then I open Medium and read a couple of stories to warm the muscle up.

Take action
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I then watch a happy video to fire the blood supply up my head.

Once charged I open a new note and stare at the cursor for a few seconds, thats when my thumbs take care of the rest.

The hardest part of any achievement, be it a work project, a marathon or writing an article, is the start, the rest is easier than you think.

When humans start to do something for the first time which if developed becomes a habit, their brains will do all it can to stop them.

Change my life
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Simply because our brains resist change, they like to be left alone doing their monotonous every day work.

They are designed to eat, sleep, do the simplest of a routinely job then repeat.

If you try and mess with the system of how the human brain naturally functions, it will fight you back.

Fighting it back is the first step you must take if you want to live a life worth living.

How to be successful

If you don’t take the initiative to resist the temptation of monotony, your brain will control your actions for the rest of your life.

Come here, don’t worry, come closer, listen my friend; I want to tell you an exclusive secret “According to history, the human brain is wired to fight or flight any given situation.”

Cavemen had to resist the temptation to flight and substituted it with fight in order to survive other wise I wouldn’t be here today writing this neither would have been anyone on the entire planet.

Fighting our own brains is why are here today, if it wasn’t for fighting, we would have spent our days fleeting until starvation and eventually extinction.

It will take you a while if you haven’t faught the fears in your brain lately but once you have forced yourself to start and continue doing so everyday, it will become effortless because your brain will get re-wired to altering its way of thinking regarding a new situation, especially risky or uncomfortable ones.

If you really care about evolution and want to take your life to a higher more exciting level, start today.

Acknowledge how the human brain is wired, take actions to re-wire it, by then you will help the human race to carry on.

One day it will all make sense, you can count on that, but it never will if you don’t start the fight.


my name is sherif. 

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer

Check my travel videos on YouTube.

I wish you a great day and thanks for reading. 

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