Dear life, I will be 35 soon; please no more surprises.

Happy life
Sharm ElSheikh Renaissance Resort

I know you’re tired of reading all about these self help blogs which end up doing you more harm than good.

I know how hard it is to wake up every morning longing for a better day.

I know how painful it feels worrying about the future you’re always afraid of.

I know how your fears are pulling you back every time you try and think clearly.

I know deep inside of you it, feels so damn right to take a risk, a dangerous one but your rational mind is stopping you.

I know you have family, friends, relationships (if you’re lucky), work and school responsibilities and you can’t help but pretend you’re ok.

I know you always try and think of your blessings but they are not filling up the void.

I know you keep saying to yourself “Don’t Compare, Don’t Compare…….”

I know you keep reaching for your phone to get a shot of instant gratification to recharge a jolt of joy into your empty emotional battery.

I know how you always keep fighting your inner self that many times you think you have developed mental disturbance.

This my friend is what real life is all about.

This is the life that no one ever told you about which is the best surprise you will ever receive and experience.

This is what it feels like when you transition from a boy to a man, a girl to a woman, an image to reality.

When you have finally reached to that point in your life where you feel it has betrayed and abondoned you, know that it’s the start of a great life ahead.

You see, the curve of your existence is like this

You are happiest when you’re a kid (X) then the level ducks when you’re transitioning to a man/woman (the highlighted area aka the perfect storm) then it skies up when you you get older and wiser usually after your 35th birthday.

When you feel the storm is blowing you in every direction until you have no where to escape, simply jump right into the middle of it, let it shake you, revolve its gusty winds around you, rotate the mentality out of your head and start flowing along its walls of rotation.

Don’t resist the definition of what real life is all about; life is designed to suit its natural survival including yours.

Life knows better than you do and whatever it does, even though it’s actions may seem at the current moment against you, is for your own and her good.

Life loves you, ask all the happy and smiley old people; have you ever taken notice how constantly cheerful those people are, even those spending their last days on a hospital bed?

If you’re now in the storm, embrace it, learn how to glide along the rough seas, it will calm down; you can not cross the Atlantic without a wavy ride; it would defeat the purpose of having fun along an exciting ride.

The definition of a beautiful life can not be felt if it’s all sunshine and rainbows; you will never feel happy if you don’t feel its counterpart because a happy life would be meaningless if you don’t experience the other side of it.

my name is sherif and I am waiving for you from the other side of the storm 👋

I am a blogger, a vlogger and a dayenjoyer.

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