Approaching my 35th, one thing I learned, It doesn’t really matter after all.

Have a good day
I just noticed that I have less hair on my left thumb than on my right, the ratio is 6:10 to be exact.
A few years ago I also noticed that my right leg is a cm or two longer.

Also my right ear seems to be poking out more than the left.

What’s that mean?

I think it means that I am thinking too much.

I tend to over think when I don’t know where my life is taking me.

I keep asking myself “Am I heading in the right direction? Is there a direction in the first place? Have I planned correctly? Will I ever get to the top of whatever that maybe?”

Approaching 35, I have developed one notion that I live by:

It doesn’t matter.

It never did, it never does and it never will.

Everything you learn from the circumstances of your life will not serve you any good or any bad if you care too much.

Here’s an example or two:

How much time and effort you spent planning and working towards achieving something only to be faced by the unexpected that would wipe out every little detail you meticulously cared for?

How many times people study so hard for years only to get a letter saying “unfortunately your experience don’t match our criteria”?

How much love did you fall in with someone only to wake up one day and “you don’t exist anymore”?

Listen my fellow good man/woman:

If you believe in heaven, you have a bonus of a chance to feel better than those who don’t.

Because at least you are giving yourself the option of “if it doesn’t work here, it will in the afterlife”

But for now, know that one day me and you will become a tomato; in scientific terms our existence will perish.

Try and think of that everyday (write “I am going to be a tomato” everywhere you can see it through your day)

When you face your scariest problems, saying to yourself “I will be a tomato” will ease the fear and make you out think whatever the predicament you are facing.

Because after a few years from now, nothing will exist.

I don’t know about you, but I know about me.

I have been hurt in the deepest of my emotions, my heart bled its very last drop squeezing the dryness off my empty soul and for days I kept longing for snatching it out and throwing it to the cruel lions that is my world.

And in the darkest of moments I kept on breathing, I could hear my racing heart echoing around the walls of the tunnel of my fears, but I kept putting one foot in front of the other, I kept moving, I didn’t stop or give in, the only direction was forward.

There was no light at the end, I had to create a way out of all this chaotic mess in my life.

I thought of all the people who hate me, of all the ones who hurt me, of all the ones who wish me bad until I chocked on my feelings of rejection but I could still squeeze a sigh out of the mayhem, I kept coughing the unserene emotions out until I could calmly elate.

At the end of the day, remind yourself that it doesn’t matter.

Nothing you do is of any importance to the world and how life enjoys living.

You know why?

Because a flower will bloom, the sun will rise, the moon will complete, the rainbow will shape, the birds will sing and the stars will shine regardless of the weather.

My friend, live your life, it’s later than you think.

Enjoy today, love your life, tomorrow you will not exist.

Neither will anyone.

my name is sherif

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