You can not control change, you can only embrace it. 

How to control your life
Regent’s Canal London

A good friend of mine just got divorced a week ago.

He called me in shock and said “I didn’t see this coming, as if she snapped her fingers out of loving me.

Yesterday he texted “pray for me as hurricane Erma is approaching and I am fleeing Florida”

One day he was happily married, with a great job, family, wife, house and the next he’s running for his life.


A slightly similar incident happened to me a few minutes ago.

I placed the coffee onto the small little table by my side, when I lifted it the coaster got stuck to the base of the mug.

You know what I did?

I accepted such fact, didn’t detach the coaster and had a sip.

You know how it tasted?

Hot and fresh with a twist.

Me deciding to accept the situation after it has been altered has come to benefit me in a way.

Everybody drinks coffee but not everybody drinks coffee with an attached coaster.

Because I allowed myself for so many changes to happen in mylife, many times involuntary, I am now ok with any change that comes my way.

(I am ok) here means that I will not try and resist such change in my course of life.

I do not control the outcomes of the circumstances around me, I can only control how I feel and act towards them.

When you contribute to a change in your life for example, getting a new job, moving to a new country, etc you get excited and look forward to a new life ahead.

But when change happens, good or bad, without any sort of contribution from your side, you feel anxious, scared and nervous.

Like my friend, I mentioned earlier, who doesn’t know what’s going to happen to his life tomorrow.

Most of his life has collapsed and what’s left is already on the verge.

I am no psychological expert, in fact I am no body.

I am as scared as hell as you are.

I get extremely anxious about tomorrow and how my life will go but I don’t surrender to such mood swings.

Sometimes I think it actually is healthy to be anxious, scared and lonely in order to act, take decisions and make major changes in your life.

After all, if your life went the way you exactly wanted it to go, you will miss living a real life.

One thing I would like to admit to the whole world:

I am very fragile, in an emotional sense and I have a tiny teeny weeny feeling that deep inside, most of us are.

But of course we want to look the strongest in the eyes of the beholder.


You are only strong when you can control that small talk between yourself and your little nagging ego.

Remember this.

Putting it all together:

Be friends with change, accept it, embrace it, welcome it into your life, offer the best you’ve got to it, and never ever turn your back against it; you may avoid it in the short term but it will keep hunting you if you don’t let in the first time.

It will feel terrible in the beginning but with time you will both get along.

When you will finally realize that, change was the best thing ever to keep happening in your course of life.

my name is sherif.

I write and I make videos because I like sharing my life with the world.

I have nothing to hide.

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