Don’t let the unexpected ruin your expected.

Hurghada Red Sea

I have been following the direction of the wind of life since the beginning of time.

I listened to my parents and went to school where I studied hard and got top grades.

Then I joined what they have always mentioned “The best university in the region aka The American University”

I failed the english placement exam so I had to study the language for a year;

I said “Ok.”

After my junior year, they asked “What would you like to major in?”

I said “I don’t know, how about marketing?” as it was the new cool among the students, also most girls majored in the field.

They said “Unfortunately your 3.3 GPA is not good enough to specialize in marketing, but you can choose Mass Communications”

I asked “What is that?” they said “Journalism, TV and Broadcasting”

I said “Ok”

I graduated with a B- overall grade, wore a black gown and threw a hexagonal shaped hat above my head, pretending to be happy like everyone around in the auditorium.

At the end of the event, my parents hugged me, took a photo and said “now you have to get a job”

I said “Ok”

For the last 12 years, I have worked so many jobs, I have tried so many different challenges, I have met and lost many friends, I have been to many countries, I have made many happy and others sad, I have laughed and cried, I have hurt and been hurt, and I have fallen and gotten up.

Today I am sat in this coffee shop in Sheffield, UK. I haven’t planned to come here, but the wind of life did so.

Cafe Ceres 

This morning I woke up with no plans and no goals; thinking what’s the point of planning when life will do as it pleases anyway!

Having just finished a cup of coffee while writing this, I have noticed that I did plan without me consciously realizing.

It turns out that today I planned to get up, shower, exercise, wash my clothes, make breakfast, go for a walk, drink coffee, write this, smile at a kid and look forward to enjoying the rest of my day.

Cafe ceres sheffield

Yes many times our plans fail and we end up saying “We F****d up” but we didn’t F*** up, we simply did the best we could but the results turned out not as we expected.

Let me explain something my fellow dreamer


meaning the inevitable will happen and you have no control to fix or change the outcome of your planned actions and efforts.

One thing I developed about the way I go about my days is not to plan or worry too much about the outcome of the end result/s.

I do agree with this quote but not to the extent that I shall never expect anything when I plan my life ahead.

When I decide to go on a holiday I plan to look forward to enjoy the process of planning for the trip, going on the trip itself and making the most of every moment, then looking back at the good memories I created.

If I don’t expect to enjoy my upcoming holiday, I have missed a big part of the excitement already.

So the lesson to take from this is plan the journey of your life as much as you please, throw in as many adventures as you may wish, wonder away with your imagination, visualise how amazing your life will be in the coming days

But, be ready to smile at the face of adversity when it hits you when you least expected it, because it will hit you no matter how far you think you are; When it does, you will not only get overwhelmed but the question of “Why me” will hunt you for days, months and maybe years if you don’t stand up to it and show how tougher you are.

Don’t let the unexpected ruin your expected.- dayenjoyer

Life likes games, especially with a good player like you; one day she will tickle you and make you laugh your heart out, another it will poke you to test your waters.

My advice is to play along, poke her back, she likes to be tickled, poked and most of all make friends with you as long as you’re willing to make friends with her.

Have a good weekend.



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