Live your life impressing yourself

I was consistent for more than 60 days.

I would write first thing in the morning and it felt great finishing a piece which started out of nothing.

Then I read that to be a good writer, you have to focus on quality not quantity; it didn’t resonate or sound right with me.

Close people started saying ‘Sherif, people get bored if they see your stuff every day’

But I didn’t.

I realized I was the people I am writing for; I am my own audience.

I have written a post ‘Why I post at 6 in the morning’ and explained this very same misconception.

I write for me, it helps me, it makes me feel better, it feels I have done good to myself, my values, my beliefs and my purpose on this planet.

I shouldn’t have listened to any of you; maybe you like my writing, maybe you hate my writing, who I am to judge what you like and dislike?

I am only to decide what I like and I will keep doing what I like; Yes even the one I thought was my soul mate eventually hated me and my writings deserting me like a street cat.

What am I to do to help reverse that?

Absolutely nothing.

I may lose everyone around me, I already did in a way; but at least I haven’t and will never lose the respect, admiration and love I have for myself and my doings.

After all, I am only here for a short time, tomorrow I will be a tomato or a carrot, so I better enjoy my life while I am still here before someone has me for their Sunday roast.

I just read a day changing, if not life, article by Anthony MooreConsistency Beats Talent, Luck, Good Intentions, and Even Quality’ which got me to fire up my laptop and get back to consistent writing.

Yes it felt great writing everyday, and yes it hurt when I started losing people around me, but it tortured me stopping doing what I like; that is, writing every day.

In the end, people will judge you anyway, so don’t live your life impressing others, live your life impressing yourself. -Eunice Camacho Infante

Have you noticed that medium made me a top writer in inspiration? Did you know that they chose me to join their Partner Program?

Am I to brag about this! you may think; you’d be missing the understanding of who truly am I.

Read Ryan Holiday’s ‘Ego is the Enemy’ before you lose the rest of your life pretending to be someone you’re not.

Have a nice Sunday

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