Welcome Italia; The best Italian Foods and Drinks

My last weekend before moving to a new place, a new country and staring a new life, I thought I would say goodbye to London in a different language, which also happens to be my favorite, Arrivaderci Engelterra, Italian.

I spent my last Sunday in the city at Welcome Italia, a fair where everything Italian food can be found there, from seeds to cooked food.

I have put together a video for you to get a taste, well not really, of what’s it like to attend a day full of authentic Italian cuisines, workshops, flavours including cheeses, coffee, chocolate and more.

Enzo Oliveri

I met with Enzo Oliveri, the famous Sicilian Chef who’s one of the best Italian Cooks in Europe, if not the world.

“Cooking and preparing food has been so important in my life that has made me want to share my knowledge with you” -Enzo Oliveri

Courtesy The Sicilian Chef

He works as The Sicilian Chef for the Italian government; opened a cookery school in Bromley; has appeared on TV and at many food events. He’s cooked for the famous: apart from Princess Diana he’s cooked for John Travolta, Madonna and even the Archbishop of Canterbury. He appeared with Gordon Ramsay in a series about weird food and they cooked octopus; he’s made a series with Aldo Zilli for the Italian tourist board and there’s another 10-part series coming up. He teaches at West London college and is official chef for the Italian cycle team. He’s also official chef for Alitalia – the Italian airline. (TheSicilianChef.co.uk)

The Sicilian cuisine at Fratelli La Bufala

Mona Lisa Cafe

Italian Coffee & Wine

If you would like a taste of Tuscany or Madeira without having to fly to those places, I’d recommend you check Mona Lisa Cafe.

The online shop sells typical Italian coffee from Tuscany, wine, cocktails, cheese’s, ice cream, meets, oils and more.


Italian Foods

Small Artisanal Producers with great Italian quality, their products include Italian cured meets, bakery, cheese, wine, and many more, the best thing is you can buy a gift box of cheese, oil, wine and mix it up however you like and it will ship directly to your home.

Degustazione di Parmigiano

Nonno Nanni

Italian Cheeses


Goodness on the table for over 70 years; A history of goodness that is passed down from one generation to the next.

A family-run business: at the heart of their know-how today is the same commitment to quality and traditional cheese-making art, secrets passed down to them by their ancestors.

They carefully follow each step of production: from the milk delivered fresh every day to their dairy to the meticulous choice of milk cultures selected over years of cheese-making experience for the taste they give their cheeses. (https://www.nonnonanni.it/)

Bonta Italia


Bontà Italia was established in 2003 by friends Gino D’Acampo & Marco Silvagni. Over the last decade the company has quickly become a symbol of authentic, top-quality Italian ingredients.

Gino, a Neapolitan-born master of Italian cooking and holder of six Guinness World Records (most of which involve cooking), and Marco, a Scottish-born globetrotter and expert food critic, have built what is now the leading importer and distributor of fine Italian foods to the United Kingdom, supplying numerous sectors with ambient, chilled and frozen ingredients. Gino & Marco are very much involved in the day to day running of the business, their expertise, extensive food knowledge and friendship resonates throughout the company making it both a professional and fun environment to work in. (https://bontaitalia.co.uk)

Terrone & Co

Coffee Roasters

Terrone Coffee

Terrone Coffee co. is the brainchild of Edy Piro who was born in Salerno, southern Italy, and lived in London since 2002. In 2005, during a visit to Portland, Oregon, he was very impressed by the cafe scene there and saw that there were other ways of drinking coffee-most Italians being very traditional and conservative in their coffee habits.
In his spare time he started sourcing and distributing his own coffee brand, Terrone & Co., which he founded in 2011.
He is the only Italian speciality coffee producer in the UK to roast his own beans in Italy-in a refurbished 1950s Vittoria machine with a customised flame that doesn’t hit the beans directly. The result is a slightly more fruity and sweet blend than you might expect from an Italian coffee. (http://terrone.co.uk/)


Italian Legumes

Image may contain: food

The Sole and Gusto of Sicily was born from the idea of the Terravecchia family with select Sicilian farming representing this beautiful island broadcasting the traditional taste the island offers.

The products featured are  The chickpea Pasha ‘, flour for fritters, The bean Leonforte, the grass pea, lentil Villalba, black lentils, red lentils, green lentils small, bean Tabaccara, Bean badda and Chickpeas black. (http://www.soleegustodisicilia.it)

Ammucca Siciliano

Sicilian Cannoli

Ammucca SIciliano

Sicilian cannoli is one of the most famous Italian pastry specialties. The sweet is tied to the small river banks that rolled up to a few decades ago Crunchy waffle during its preparation, hence the name.

The quality of the artisan product is the result of the oldest recipes of the confectionery tradition Sicilian cuisine which is guaranteed by the use of first choice genuine ingredients. In 2016 Ammucca Siciliano conceived the Cannolo Snack © available in the following tastes: “white”, “chocolate”, “hazelnut” and “pistachio”.(http://www.ammuccasiciliano.it/)

Le Terre Del Barone

The Noble Art of Oil Making

Le Terre Del Barone

The olive tree is a plant that symbolize the Ligurian landscape as well as many other Mediterranean regions. A cultivation cultivated for millennia, its symbolism traces back to the origins of man. A very strong plant, able to address many adversities of seasons and yield its generous fruit, a food of primary importance to man’s health: the extra virgin olive oil. (http://www.leterredelbarone.it/)

Macellaio RC Roberto Costa

“Our meats and produce tell the history of people and their passions, of countrymen working in olive groves, farmers breeding quality livestock, fishermen sailing the high seas, butchers doing justice to the finest cuts of meat. Only in our restaurants can you experience this amazing story – on a plate.” – Roberto Costa

Macellaio RC: a growing family of four Italian restaurants, each unique but all telling the same story. Your steak is butchered in front of you; artisan breads are cooked in-house. You’ll find incredible Italian food, sourced with respect, prepared with love and expertly cooked. Warmth is tempered by precision, tradition is brought alive by our vision, creating a wonderful, warm trattoria dining experience.

With 4 restaurants in London, you will have no excuse not to go. Located in Exmouth Market, South Kensington, Northcote Road and Union Street.(http://www.macellaiorc.com/)


online Italian delicatessen

Delicatezza is an online Italian delicatessen based in London that was formed in late 2013 in partnership with a family-run producer and importer of fine Italian foods. A desire to offer customers a chance to enjoy award-winning and exceptional quality produce at home are the tenets upon which we are based.

They have two main shopping categories:

  • Daily Made in London range that offers handmade filled egg pasta, unfilled egg pasta, handmade gluten free pasta, ready meals, pasta sauces, mozzarellas, and sausages – all made by Italian chefs daily in London. Every item in this range is made to order, so when they say “fresh” they really do mean it. It is this section of food that makes them proud – everything made with the best ingredients and a whole lot of care and love.
  • Pantry section featuring all the top Italian household brands at competitive prices. Although they pride themselves on their freshly made range, they understand that people sometimes find comfort with brands. Here you can find a mix of both the big name brands and those much less known that they stock because of their high quality – all at great prices.

Ercole, a seasoned chef with over 35 years experience, commandeers the kitchens where their hand made filled pasta and award winning cannoli are made. Salvatore, is the resident cheese aficionado, and takes great care and attention in hand making their fresh cheese range. Find out more about the interesting backgrounds of their chefs. (https://www.delicatezza.co.uk/)

Franchi Seeds of Italy

Because you reap what you sow from 1783

Franchi Seeds are the oldest family run seed company in the world, they specialise in “Italy from the Seed to the plate”. They are passionate about the provenance and regionality of everything they sell.

They were found to be the most ethical major packet seed brand by Ethical Consumer Magazine 26/2/16, they’re Vegetarian Society Vegan approved, Slow Food UK approved and multiple RHS medal winners.(https://www.seedsofitaly.com/)

20 Ways

Italian Halal Food

20 WAYS was born to spread the Italian “Gusto” and they have left no stones unturned to bring you the finest ingredients from the 20 regions of Italy. They provide a wide range of simple, high quality imported goods from delicious Halal beef pastrami and beef bacon to creamy green pistachio spread.

They strive to help cooks raise their standard of Italian cooking and have been very fortunate enough to have received strong accolades from those whom use their products. But don’t simply take their word for it, here are just a few of the testimonials they have received. (https://twentyways.co.uk/)


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